Delia Derbyshire the magical sculptress of sound

Back when electronic music was its own genre and even before the German powerhouse Kraftwerk started churning out electronic brilliance to the world there was something gloriously experimental brewing in in the BBC Radiophonic studio.
Delia Derbyshire was one experimentalist from that studio in the 60s who’s name is still not well known despite her most famous theme for the Dr Who sif fi series being loved by almost everybody in the UK.
Her passion for hand made electronic sound was so great that she was never wasn’t actually interested using synthesisers once they came onto the market!

Check out this BBC documentary about the mind and works of a true sonic sound-scaping master at work!

If your still curious check out a full catalogue of her work courtesy of Martin Guy

Space is the place, space is where good records are.. Madrid 2014

space is the place

My last trip to Madrid brought me to the 6th floor of a building somewhere in Gran Via.

Space is the place is  definitely one of the best record stores in Spain. Good staff, nice environment with an amazing view to Gran Via street with some Donato Dozzy records playing in the background. Listening records on these decks makes your day!

Good job!


Space is the place is on Gran Vía 40, 6º 1.