A littleBit of Korg to go!

Some serious bits of Korg!

Korg have teamed up with open source hardware developers littleBits to bring the world of synthesis to the masses in an easy to understand and very affordable way!

littleBits have been making electronic construction kits for suitable for all ages in such a fun and stylish way and which has really helped create quite a large open source community for them over the past couple of years.  Each electronic component can connect to the next via magnets making building circuits even quicker and easier then building a lego toy!

Now they have expanded their repertoire in to the world of synthesis by teaming up with mighty synth makers Korg!
Using the same concept you can snap together each part of the synthesiser any way you like in order to become a fully fledged sound scape mastermind within a few minutes.

As with all good recipes for success it contains all the basic elements of a good synth to start you off…
Oscillators (Square and Triangle)
Random/Noise generator
Envelope (attack + decay)
Filter (classic Korg sounding LowPass)
Signal spliter
Signal mixer
A micro keyboard
and a speaker with a headphone socket

Of course the more parts you have the more complex and richness you can give to the sound you create. The sound is really good for the price! Korg haven’t cut any corners here and have done an excellent job squeezing their own sound into their smallest module yet!

This is such a well done project that it will appeal to everybody from children or beginners seeing a synth for the first time to the more advanced user who will be able to do analogue sound design quicker than ever before and even combine the sounds with their own setup.

Kudos to Korg and litteBits on a project we hope will grow even further over time!




Les Disques De La Mort

Filling the void between the after party and the afterlife seems to me the new niche Ivan Smagghes label is proposing, starting with some warped funk via Manfredas.

Smagghe is good a keeping clear of trodden paths to take you on the slowest dirty rout he can till the sunrises and  his new LDdlm series will do just that.

This release by Manfredas – PinkIndustry EP exploits some pretty crooked electronic action  while being driven by some serious finger bass funk!  The flipside gives way to two reinterpretations of Square lights via Zongamin, taking serious rhythmic synth stabs and pads almost to boiling point and then changing the recipe to bring a new bizarre fusion of late night craziness.

Les Disques De La Mort is one to look out for if you want to stay clear of any overcooked trends!



A warm glass of Muhk

Muhk is one of my favourite pure analogue labels.
Based in Sweden they have an ear for releasing records that seem to be lost in time, some of them sound like they could have come out of Detroit at the start of the scene there’s that much soul oozing out of the hardware!
Comfortably pumping out top notch house like the one below from Quarion  as well as lush creamy Techno likes from Matti Turunen.
I think they rely on the warmth of the sound to keep them warm during the dark Scandinavian winter months!

More often than not good music like this comes from people who are into all kinds of music and not only their respective genres, and Muhk is no exception to this especially when you dive into their podcast series!
Presented head honcho Jason, who provides a cheeky classic party techno set himself, they give a little insight into not only the world of their own great artists  but some unknown artists who also uphold a great quality control when playing out, whether it be funk, soul, house, techno, electronic or any other golden oddities.



Shale Gas EP- Quarion

RDMA – Fanciful

Preciosa producción del alemán RDMA. Un viaje hipnótico y melancólico sobre un sutil groove de corte deep house y minimalista a base de capas orgánicas de percusión, speech femenino y nostálgicas melodías.

Publicado por Kimochisound, subsello  de M50 (Chicago).  Disponible a la venta desde su bandcamp.


Music is about emotion, expression and personality.

Don’t let other people’s opinion, any trends and hypes dictate and compromise your music, emotion, expression and personality.



Tonight’s T.O.P. stories : Nous Disques (GR)


Est Nous.

Is new and  is fresh although you can easily distinguish a serious analog dimension with  a deep story and work behind it. Is present, although you can tell by listening to it that is already timeless. Recently,  my second Nous wax took its position in  my  record box and  I am proud of it. The Black Drama (12″) EP (Nous 04)  with raw beats and analog steps. Something like the vintage melody sunbathing the heavy bass, bringing The Sun in your Face. A Dark Passenger with an acid attitude and  kicks flirting with an absolutely melancholic voice like coming from the past. Onto transfers us into a dreamy acid world with some robotic vocals creating a sci fi scenery. Spoiled drama as the name of the record spoils your ears hypnotizing you deep  into an endless music “drama” especially  with Patricia’s no drama remix. Nous Disques is undoubtedly a very promising record label directly from Athens. Goodnight and …..spoil yourselves. https://soundcloud.com/nous-disques/spoiled-drama-black-drama