Niels Luinenburg is Delta Funktionen. We love his music.

Techno as it should be. Totally mental trips healing the mind.

We choose this EP for tonight, Setup One: Decorum.

You can buy it on Juno /

****Please identify or just dance****


Ο Niels Luinenburg είναι το πραγματικό όνομα του  Delta Funktionen.

Αγαπάμε ιδιαίτερα τις μουσικές παραγωγές του.  Techno στην καλύτερη της μορφή.

100% ταξίδια του μυαλού , θεραπευτικά για το μυαλό.

Επιλέγουμε αυτό τον δίσκο για σήμερα, Setup One: Decorum.

Διαθέσιμος στην Juno/

****Please identify or just dance****



Tape Hiss. Proper deep waves coming from Hungary.


tape hiss

Tape Hiss does not seem one more deep house label.

It comes to bring to our record boxes a fresh air, quite promising for the dance floor.

As I was losing myself listening to the last and second Tape Hiss record by Jaffa Surfa there was no doubt that this label had to be my next T.O.P. homenage.

Tape Hiss represents  a mix of serious bassline, melancolic waves like from the past and repetitive beats.

All combined with an amazing atmosphere.

The artists behind the label keep a low underground profile and with  steps seem very carefully made.

We have already the two releases

The Astrac EP is the first release of the label for this year is coming like a concept between  deep house vibes and raw cuts/Astrac, funky percursions with folkloric almost  paganistic hint/ Part  and the absolute sensual deep bass combined with enigmatic mystical vocals in an absolute Meditation state/ Meditation by Ztrl.
The Psy Lance EP is the second release. Psy Lance is 100% club sound,  brings directly to the floor,
Baaz is the perfect warm up for proper house nights and finally the Preacha Bonus track with its  dreamy space pad and the gospel speech  gives us this quality result, managed by Jaffa Surfa.
Élvez_________________and good night from T.O.P.


Pal Batu, sound for a rainy moody day

Good night from us with a TOP track from Daniel Lodig for Trust.

A sound to close a full day and to start a beautiful night.


Καληνύχτα από εμάς με ένα ΤΟP  κομμάτι από τον Daniel Lodig για την δισκογραφική Trust

Ένας ήχος για το κλείσιμο μιας γεμάτης ημέρας και το ξεκίνημα μιας όμορφης βραδυάς. (GR)



Samuel van Dijk. The man with the 3 faces

VC-118A International Airlines  Artwork - photos by Samuel Van Dijk.

International Airlines
Artwork – photos by Samuel Van Dijk.

vc a

I  do not like to use the world artist in a frivolous way but in this case I cannot find any other word that can fit better.

Samuel Van Dijk is an electronic producer from Netherlands with releases in labels we love such as Field Records, Lunar Disko and Peace Communications.

Every single track is a ritual made by certain electro elements, dreamy pads, analog baseline. A combination of feelings created by drum machines and melodies giving us high quality music. Mind and body synchronised to a perfect slow dance like in a tribal ceremony. This is the sound. The best recipe made by Mohlao, as I first knew him.

Multicast Dynamics is a project,  it goes further with the album Scape on a casette format released on the ambient label  Kaukana Väijyy Ambient.

The third face is coming as VC-118A with albums like a piece of art such as the International Airlines LP on Lunar Disko.

On this album all the tracks manage to transport you to different dimension, floating round space like time was not exist.

Deploy a1

Thrusters a2

International Airlines b1

Vaporise c1

Cylinder c2 

Mapolar d1

Antenna Forest d2

These are the steps to a deep space journey with the mind mesmerised.

Listen carefully and pray to the sound.

Clean sound, clean soul.

Amazing mixes always can be found  on his page on soundcloud. Mixes leading you to a state of  inner peace

I felt that many times.

Thank you Samuel.

Vilma for T.O.P.


*** Thank you Samuel for the support___ T.O.P. on Samuel´s site***

A field full of images and good music


Since I first heard the field sound tickling my ears a miracle happened. A new world was there for me to discover. Field is almost 6 years old and is coming from Netherlands. On it  is reflected all the good electronic music culture of that magic place.

Always with unique contributions from artists from the world of deep techno and ambient with detroit aspirations, although it’s difficult to categorize this label. Above all is music and this is what represents.

On their soundcloud page you can find a strong taste of what Field is.

Deep mental journeys with the perfect balance between light and darkness.

Melody pads and bass. It is amazing  how it can be managed in every single EP.

With this post we welcome on T.O.P. another little diamond released by this amazing label.

Field 012 is a story.

This is the perfect example of a music concept. The start of the journey is coming with Öhns Ödegård by Varg.An absolutely melodic tune that brings to the mind images directy from the nature. It is an hymne to it.

The mind is moving then to an echo..of you by Remote, with a dubby mood and dreamy pads introducing you smoothly to the end of this journey which is coming by Polar Inertia and his Sonic Outlaws to make your mind dance, purifying  the soul through its dark progressive beats.