A heavy tale by Surgeon

Surgeon with his Fixed Action Pattern, on Token  for distorted minds.

A proper bomb waiting to be dropped on the dancefloor.

We were bewitched by listening this record few days ago at our favorite record store Discos Paradiso.

Good night from us.

RØDHÅD’s dreamily crafted podcast

If you have ever heard this guy before then your mouth should already be watering before you press play on this podcast!
If not then you definitely should see him as Rødhåd is in the business of completely demolishing dance floors and has built up such a following since the 90s that has earned him 5 hours total of control over the Berghain crowd.
In such a time he can weave together intricate and triply dreams using 3 CDJs sending you into a state of meditation and keeping you there whilst he unleashes beats so ferocious they could make Thor quake in his boots!

This podcast for groove.de though is more of a lush dreamy sound palate that can easily be enjoyed any time of day or night on your headphones with out having cold sweats wishing you were on the dancefloor!


More than a prologue_____

A tune pretty much a bomb. This the Wind Shear Detection by Adam X and its Vertical mix released on the Outflow Boundary EP  for another label I appreciate, the  German  prologue( 2010).

A dark noise from the past, traveling to the future progressively. Smashing little by little with its beats the ground.

Heavy feet on the floor praying to the God of Music.

Be prepared for the exorcism of anything negative. Music is our religion and tunes like that our chants.

After the darkness you see the light.

Proper cold Bavarian nights for strictly mental techno lovers.

Lose yourself and dance.

check more prologue records http://www.discogs.com/label/132653-Prologue

Yellow and Blue nights. Simple as that.

R-5318159-1391029981-7544    R-5318159-1391030235-2824

Deep, melancholic and mysteriously beautiful. A record without name, just symbols, under a special unknown label sending us vibes from Netherlands, straight to your heart. Raw percussion interrupting the dreamy melody, playing with some gentle drum kits and hi hats.

Love and hate the both sides as the B side is giving us the acid version of the tune with a pretty heavy and quite aggressive bass still flirting with the gorgeous melody.

MarcoAntonio Spaventi and Aroy Dee seem to be suspects of this well organised “crime”.
Enjoy this EP and play it more.
You can find it on discogs and http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk

Fhloston’s Phoenix rising form burning synths


The latest guise of King Brit shows us how to pack his many influences and aliases in to his raw analogue gear whiles reminiscing on classic sci-fi sounds. Fhloston Paradigm is a reference to The 5th Element but many of the synths in this album sound like they played a roll in major Sci-fi movies or the early 80s.

King Brit himself has such a rich musical history coming from Philadelphia, he turned his hand and everything that took his interest putting everything out funk, hiphop, house and even some more soulful sound of Philly.

This album seems like a really personal exploration through some classic pieces of hardware, without using midi and some new age effects (check the video below to see what he has)

Phoenix contains powerful and emotive dreamy synths with some great smooth soulful vocals hidden deep within the album but also some dark hypnotic leads dancing between some tripped out raw breaks, which initially got the first Fhloston Paradigm EP signed to hyperdub.
I really like how the mixture of complex pollyrhythems on the album sit alongside tracks with gloriously simple dreamy chords balancing the whole record between dance floor madness and intimate home listening!

Data flows for nostalgic days

Days like that you want to say thank you to everybody around , data flows can caress your mind, tickle it with its deep emotive detroit synths and a happily nostalgic mood making you feeling grateful for moments you can share through the music. Everything is fine. Close your eyes and breath.

This marvellous tune is a part of the album Isobaths released on our top favourite record label Lunar Disko by Submersible Machines.  Enjoy.

isobaths   lunar disko