T.O.P. podcast series: Archaic Space

Today we present a romantic deep, spacey set, recorded by Archaic Space for Tales of Psychofonia.

Part of the Distant Drummer collective, Archaic Space creates deep textures driven by vigorous grooves within an electro-acoustic environment.

You will enjoy an amazing selection of classy techno tunes dressed up with dreamy pads making it more than a journey.

We really enjoyed this mix from the very start until its last second. The ideal tale for well equipped rooms with good sound system. Great groove with danceable although dark, atmospheric  vibe.

Needless to say, Archaic Space is an amazing music producer. We love every single tune on his soundcloud page. Another magical tale we are happy to share with you.

You can check his music on :https://soundcloud.com/archaic-space

Interview: K.zip, Tales from Paris


K.zip has different interesting tales to narrate.The tonight´s artist is coming from Paris.  As a little boy he had received a classical music education and since his 15 years he has been selecting electronic music records.  Since his 18 years an  AKAÏ S900 became one of  his best friends. He happily shared with us his thoughts of what is music, the scene in Paris some of his influences and many more.

1. Hi Olivier, Who is K.Zip? Are there more faces “hiding” behind you?

I am a dreamer, there is only one member, me and the people around me are in it too because they inspire him… Music is the average ideal to escape from the reality. I am looking to keep an old school vibe but still futuristic.

2. What have been the most important influences for you? Can you name some artists or maybe records that have marked the creation of your sound?

I started to buy electronic music records very young, when it all started in with MO WAX and WARP etc,  I was into trip hop and I love some electronic experimental stuff, I am now interested in all kinds of electronic music but more into dance music at the moment. Vladislav delay first releases on Chain Reaction … Rhythm & Sound – Roll Off – this kind of sounds traumatised me -)

3. How do you see things in Paris? There are some good labels arising and very good artists on the scene. Could you name some of them you admire?

I am a wild and solitary person (too wild), I know that there are many things at the moment in Paris like COLLAPSING MARKETS,  but I am not involved in the Paris scene.

4. What we liked in your music is the fact that is quite organic. What does music making bringing out of you?

i can’t live without music. Music is like therapy for me.

5. What piece of hardware are you proud of using?

Now I work with a computer and some vintage hardware i still have from when I started doing music years ago. I love reverberation because it is for me like stoping the time.

6. Are you some future collaborations on the way?

I am working on an EP for the french label BADANCE and another one for another label I can’t name yet.

I have just released a tape with Berlin label KASHUAL, but it is another sound.

7. Music is therapeutic. What is the first track or album that comes to mind with such “healing” properties?

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Black Earth

8. We are close to the end of this year. Tell us your favourite music tale of 2014?

I recently discovered Lee Gamble and in fact I realised that in his LP is using a lot of samples from the documentary « Style Wars» and the title of the album is a nod to this documentary. For me it represents the answer of the actual evolution of the electronic music.

9. For the end a difficult question, if we would ask you to introduce yourself with one of your tracks which would it be?

I can’t answer this question because once a track is finished, I never listen to it anymore, I always move to another track.

Check K.zip´s music on  https://soundcloud.com/ovd-3

Pitch black tales___ Polar Inertia live/ Basel (CH)

polar inertia

All the events promoted over here must be really special for us.

One of them is definitely the one presented by a team we really appreciate.

Pitch Black  based in Switzerland presents a very special event  Polar Inertia (Dement3d)  at Archiv in Basel.

After the live act  Garçon (CH) and Tiorted (CH) will rock it with proper deep groovy vibes.

An amazing concept presented by a great team. A night for those who communicate through the music and its dimensions.

A deep warm journey in a cold night of December.

A taste of the night:



Tales from Berlin, Tresor documentary

We found this amazing documentary narrating the story of Tresor, the epic club of Berlin. A tale that all the techno lovers wanted to be part of.  Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter, Mr. C, Dj Rush, Mark Reeder, Dr. Motte, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, Regina Baer, Johnnie Stieler, Sven Väth are some of the protagonists of this tale appearing on the doc. Great music selection transferring us the vibe of the crazy rave atmosphere over there.  A club that emerged  in the post Berlin Wall era and dramatically  marked the evolution of the techno scene.

source: Vimeo

Picture: Rick Kay

T.O.P. Podcast series: Konstantinos Bountolas aka Bu$ (Bliq,GR)

Today we present a very special set. We are extremely proud to bring you this podcast by Kontantinos Bountolas, exclusively for Tales of Psychofonia. Bu$ has been a great influence for me and I am pretty sure for anybody who has ever listened to his dj sets. Originating from the heart of the Northern Greece, Thessaloniki he is back there now after a lively 10 year stint in London. Influences from late 90s, Detroit and Chicago have been essential.

All his years of accumulated experiences and influences will now be going into the Default conceptual events he is co organizing in different cities in Greece. Kostantinos has been a serious vinyl selector for many years now and has also played in several remarkable venues in cities all over Europe such as Bucharest, Belgrade, Paris and of course London.

He is also one of the duo behind Bliq record label with eclectic releases from special artists and amazing unique artworks we really love. Constantly striving for quality he manages to transmit this through his mixes, the music to a whole atmosphere, a special feeling. This is a podcast that can surly be defined by mental yet classy techno. A 100% vinyl affair of rolling, deep techno beats.