Tales of Japan>> One Nation -Goldenweek Special- at Namura Zosenjo Atochi / Creative Center Osaka

nina top vakulatop

Just few days after cherry blossom says goodbye to  Japan  an underground spirit lands in Osaka  with the great Sunset Party at an  industrial paradise the Creative Centre Osaka.

Line-up /

Nina Kraviz (трип / Moscow)
Mathew Jonson (Wagon Repair / CA)
Vakula (Leleka / UA)

DJ Sodeyama (ARPA Records)
KUNIMITSU (TetralogisticS)

At this place

creative center osaka

And more tales to be played with after hours party at Circus

CIRCUS presents
Nina Kraviz “DJ-Kicks” Japan Tour 2015 × Scuba “Claustrophobia” Release Japan Tour 2015

13:00-22:00 @名村造船所跡地

会場: 名村造船所跡地(STUDIO PARTITA)
大阪市住之江区北加賀屋 4-1-55

Ticket info.

Peatix http://ptix.co/1Fy1b0i
楽天チケット http://ticket.rakuten.co.jp/music/dance/RTCRNAB
チケットペイ https://ticketpay.jp/booking/?event_id=1055
ローソンチケット http://l-tike.com/ (L-code:54643)
チケットぴあ http://ticket.pia.jp/ (P-CODE:262114)
クラベリアチケット https://www.clubberia.com/ja/events/tickets/

We will be there__

Janzon´s real techno stories – Twisted Dust EP (DE)

A raw bizarre techno tale is presented by Janzon  on Code is Law. This could be the kind of music  that welcomes you through a half opened door somewhere around Kreuzbeurg.

The A side with its  dramatic bassline- Twisted Dust– and is progressively aggressive beats- Thermal Arc–  is creating an rave industrial soundscape. Strictly german vibes with no mercy. Once you are on the floor the metamorphosis is coming.

The B side is  a weird marriage between a classic german  beat- Rove contact– and the more up to date sound with  heavy asymmetrical beats – Mary West-. A proper underground combination with all its aspects.

Janzon is not joking.  Pure, ritualistic techno for late hours wanderers, a mysterious and creative dialog between the music and its audience.

T.O.P. Podcast series: ∂e∂e∫el (IT)

We present a podcast by Dedesel (dj/producer/ photographer) a project by this mysterious artist from the north of Italy with influences run from the underground electronic lo-fi to avant garde jazz
The productions of Dedesel are a set of loop collage sounds, deformed music and reconstructions of his favourite artists.

Dramatic and abstract, this set is an unfolding mysterious tale,  transmitting secret messages. A very inspiring podcast leading gradually the listener to light through darkness.