T.O.P. Podcast series: De Dromer (NL)

Tales of Psychofonia is sending you vibes of deep avant guarde techno. Listening this podcast on the plane from Singapore to Hanoi was the absolute mental trip. Smooth with perfect flow and ambience. For lovers of contemporary but at the same time timeless stuff, this podcast is something like a spiritual mind game. Raw, deep, classy. It leads you gradually to the pick of your personal ecstasy and all this by the magic hands of De Dromer, who definitely has the recipe for the nice taste, straight from Netherlands. It helps you stay fresh and deep.


1. Perfume Advert – Get Hollow [Opal Tapes]
2. Gunnar Haslam – Incidental Magnetics [L.I.E.S.]
3. Varg & Hypnobirds – Hogdalen [Clan Destine Records]
4. Arkadelphia – Terrestrial Eyes [NORD Records]
5. G.W. – Strip/Strip [HLF / PIN]
6. Ozel AB ‎- Digital Natives [Lobster Theremin]
7. Nummer – To The D [Nummer Music]
8. Raw M.T. – Untitled [Mörk]
9. Jonas Yamer – Downward Causation [Molten Moods]
10. Silf – A Naked Woman Presenting Her Rear To A Muscled Biker [Farbwechsel]
11. Efdemin – Decay (E.R.P. Version) [Dial]
12. Willis Anne – The C Track [Nous Heroique EP]
13. Rhythmic Theory – Shores of Caladan [Ancient Monarchy]
13. Unfinished Portraits – Untitled [Nous Ethos Series]
14. Bessiekat – Louvers [Isaiah Tapes]
14. Inhalants – No Hats [L.I.E.S.]

More stuff from De Dromer: https://soundcloud.com/de-dromer

Picture credits: Teresa espadafor Photography

T.O.P. Podcast series: Loto Retina (FR)

Loto Retina soothes our souls with a podcast made for the hot days of summer.

An interesting combination of indie, lofi, experimental, ambient romantic soundscapes and retro melodies with crazy rock n roll surprises for terrace gatherings and colourful drinks with friends. Loto Retina  also features some of his beauties on this mix.

This set is a warm hug full of flowers, sweets and beautiful sunny smell.

Loto Retina is coming from France and he is working for the LoFi label Cindys Tapes.


Car Seat Headrest – My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
derby- four
James Edmonds – B1 A Film
loto retina – coeur d’alene
La Colisée – Enfer
Studenets – Finally Home
the hers – how night works on the world
Futuresport – Let U See Through
Andrew Thomas – one thousand pin holes in a black paper sky
filthy ingredients – smell like tears
l’eoscombou couti – at Manare’s
Tetsuo – Re:69er
mgkrp – your voice esko!!
ooaa – oo:oo
the hers – baby came out like good gear in the sun
conehead – 浮在… (float on…)
goonfish – LUV(from)RA
chambry – show.er
Telepathy News – Submarine
Deerhunter – Basement Scene
Radical Guts – Moon Worms
Ben Varian – kick over a trash can
loto retina – haarlem
Mark Aubert – I Love You

Picture credits: https://www.tumblr.com/search/teresa+espafador

T.O.P. Podcast series: McBain (Belgium)

Tales of Psychofonia comes back with the podcast series. Today we present an authentic adventure made by McBain from Belgium.

It feels  like you step out of your house’s door without really expect anything. Then the best things are happening. the most exciting ones. These the few words I have to describe this podcast made for us.

Darkwave is coming with little oasis of psychedelic and ambient melodies,  chill out rhythms and a ethnic surprises in between.

From the darkness to a beautiful lullaby and sci fi electronic sound from another era.

Slow and fluid it keeps you always naturally stoned.

You can listen more of his music selection on his showcases for the online radio station. Stroom.tv.


Aidan baker & tim hecker -auditory spirits
Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Oil Tankers
mecanique vegetale – tv news
demdike stare – nothing but the night
Levens Signs – Sedes Sapientiae
max + mara – hands
Marcus – you’re playing with fire
Gripgevest & Kling – Polykrill
Grouper – Alien Observer
Libra – La Baia
Dean Blunt – 50 cent / Trident
Yan Tregger – Shamstar
Visible Cloaks – California Images
Mythos – Dedicated to Werner von Braun
Vashti Bunyan – If i were

picture by Monica Mogi

Record stores: Meditations, Kyoto, Japan

One of the treasures we discovered during our stay in  Kyoto was the Meditations record store.

Somewhere close to the Imperial Palace you will see the sign that leads you to the magic world of Meditations.

This is a unique space with exquisite minimal & ritualistic atmosphere something like ….meditation.


Spirituality comes together with good music,  a rich selection of tapes, local labels and world music. All genres from ethnic, jazz, experimental, abstract, noise, psychedelic to of house and techno.

It seems that nothing is random in this place, our beloved Japanese way!

Amazing service in a absolutely clean place with its little buddhist  corner transmiting tranquility for mindful and focused listening.

IMG_1556  IMG_1547 IMG_1558

Great decoration accompanied by  bizarre religious items, symbols and many stickers exposed on a big table in the middle of the store.


We discovered the Japanese label Flau and many local artists. We received good vibes, and energy from its owner.

With this post we say thank you for this spiritual and full of good music moment.

Highly recommended for freaks of avant guard sound and seekers of spirituality through music.

As we have been told this is one of the best record shops in Japan.

You will find Meditations at the following address:

〒602-0862 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward,
Demizucho, 253
春日ビル 3F