T.O.P. Interview: Tendts (FWF Records, GR)

mporntelo tendtz

  “Cheap Poetry” is like a male orgasm, lasts only for a few seconds ….

Tendts and lights, Tendts and tales, Tendts and dreams, Tendts and melancolic beats, Tends with love… from Thessaloniki. Our today’s T.O.P. interview travels to the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and Tendts disclosure interesting details about themselves through a  heartfelt enjoyable and real interview for Tales of Psychofonia. We are more than happy to share it with you.

We would urge you to read their words  whilst listening their “Cheap Poetry” LP which was one of the reasons for this post.  Tendts are able to magically transfer you to another dimensions transforming Cinderellas to classy  ladies and frogs to princes, even if it is just for a while…

We introduce you to….. Tendts!

1.   Why “Tendts”?    

Cause of that stupid, filthy, rusty tent outside our studio -and our obsession with change and redefinition of course.

2.  What is the  message delivered by your sound?

   “I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother 

I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed
I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

3. What type of hardware do you normally use on your live acts?  

We usually use a Roland Sp505, a couple midi keyboards, an Alesis drumpad, a floor tom, a Korg Kaoss Pad, laptops, an electric guitar, four to five guitar pedals, a Behringer console and lots of cables to connect and power all this mess.

 4. Any influences?

Joy Division, Talking Heads, Fourtet, Panda Bear, Animal Collective, Chemical Brothers, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Orbital, Caribou, Alien Sex fiend, Claude Debussy, Sex Gang Children, Cinema Strange, Happy Mondays, Bauhaus, Antzela Dimitriou, Aneta Marmarinou, Ta Paidia tou Peiraia, VIPS, Kostas Haritodiplomenos, George Alkeos, Giannis Parios, Karlota and last but not least Lampis Livieratos.

5. What was the most unforgettable live performance and why?

We had some pretty memorable ones like the one with Death in Vegas or a couple festivals but we have to say that the most unforgettable has to be the one in Hamburg with the Project Mooncircle family. It had everything! A roadtrip, great pizza and to top it all the amazing sound-system of the Mojo Club plus an awesome crowd!

6. What are you up to next? any future plans?

Few gigs here and there to promote our album. At the same time we will try to gather all the raw material and samples that are hidden in our hard drives and try to focus in making a release.

7. How do you perceive the electronic music scene both in your own city and in Greece?

The electronic music scene in Thessaloniki and in Greece in general is growin’ and getting stronger! That’s definitely a good thing! But one of the things we also find absolutely great is that bands now try to experiment more with electronics and the nature of “how electronic music works” in both terms of synthesis/studio and vibe/live! One band that has nailed this part -and we are patiently waiting to hear their new stuff- is Mary’s Flower Superhead.

8. Is there any place, stage, festival you have dreamt to perform at? 

Sure thing! As far as festivals concerned we would love to play at “Field Day”. Now for places and/or locations a tour around the globe wouldn’t be bad! Hehehe 🙂

9. What is the tale behind your debut album Cheap Poetry, an album that makes us feel in love every time we listen to it…

This album basically is layers and layers of sounds stacked up on top of each other showered with nostalgia and memories and at the top you have our bitter/sweet feelings laying there. Those feelings are responsible for the sickness that you may feel in your stomach as you return home during a weekend full of sun and joy.

Its not a bad thing that you return home, it is a bad thing though that you must return to your job, that you have to confront the fucking ugly face of your boss, the stress, the stupid decisions that you have to make during your regular day. Well, “Cheap Poetry” is so cheap that will (maybe) make you feel good but only for a few minutes, it will not last forever. “Cheap Poetry” is like a male orgasm, lasts only for a few seconds (laughs!) …. Sometimes you ‘d be wishing to be a woman so you could have multiple orgasms instead! ( Maybe that is our next endeavor’s concept! )

10. Will you share us with us an album you both like and you consider it can work as mind and soul healer?

“Talking Heads – Remain in Light”. This is THE album that makes both the booty and the soul move!

Thanks for the call Tales of Psychofonia!


Thank you Tendts!

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T.O.P. Interview: Glia (Svel Tapes, US)

“Glia was born and raised on the east coast of the US but has explored cultures across asia, europe, africa and the americas during the past 30 years. He discovered drumming at a young age and eventually became interested in computers, samplers, and other electronics during secondary school. Some of his methods have changed but he has always employed mixers as the focal point. He usually records to cassettes and bloats or squashes layers with mixing devices and fx in a single pass rather than thru multitracking software.”

We have been attracted by the sound of his  album o​,​w released on limited tape edition on Svel Tapes. Pure experimental and lo fi aesthetics with a theatrical attitude. We introduce you Glia:

1. Who are you?
An american drummer. I find it difficult to answer without sounding pretentious. I am not really concerned with people knowing who I am. There is nothing special about me or my work. Plenty of people make music better than what i’ve done. But I appreciate anybody who checks out my tunes.

2. How did the collaboration with Svel Tapes come up?
Tony stumbled on my soundcloud in May and we started corresponding via email. He chose the format and decribed his vision for the label and I recorded the bulk of these pieces in response during a session in June. A few revisions took place in July.

3. What does it feel releasing on tape?
It is always strange to release work because I’m unsure how others will experience the album. But some of that uncertainty is removed when I arrange for tape. I grew up using tapes a lot and have always used them to capture and manipulate sound. It feels natural to release work on cassette because i love the format so much.

4. How do you describe the state of making music?
Hmmm…In general? Or on a personal level? I think music is in a great place right now. There are some incredible labels promoting important records and tapes, not to mention artists releasing their own work. i focus on those things as a source of inspiration and motivation to continue learning.

5. Is there any symbolism behind your music?

6. What is the next step?
Learn more about my tools and refine my techniques so I can make more satisfying work.

7. Share with us an album or track that heals the mind

Menahan Street Band “Ivory and Blue” is a great song for that. Quadron or Sonnymoon’s first albums

More:  https://sveltapes.bandcamp.com/album/o-w

T.O.P. Podcast series: Pablo Diskko (Synthetic, GR)

pablo diskko

PABLO DiSKKO is our today’s visitor. We met him opening the best parties and events in the city of Thessaloniki, north of Greece. His gigs include big events such as Reworks Festival, Plissken Festival, Thessaloniki Pride, In Edit Festival and Street Outdoors . In 2014 he joined the  Synthetic team and shared the booth with artists like Robert Hood, Steffi, DVS1, Kassem Mosse, Delano Smith, Makam, Moomin, Simoncino, Tim Sweeney, Echonomist, Severino, Snuffo, Vakula, Tama Sumo, Florian Kupfer, XDB & Helena Hauff. Together with Thomas Numan they have managed to breathe new life into Thessaloniki’s house and techno scene.  Synthetic (from the greek word σύνθεσις) is a combination of ideas… Ideas that can be developed at unique spaces according to Synthetics’ vision. Synthetic is a mobile party and their music policy is the top quality electronic music. You will find yourself dancing until the end at amazing venues, with a great ambience and the best djs and artists of the contemporary music scene. And we can reassure ,by experience, it is always like that. 100% quality spaces and music, a great marriage producing great feelings.

Currently, Pablo Diskko is based in Amsterdam. He  considers that the city is an  endless source of inspiration for electronic music and he would love to  take advantage of all the stimuli that can be offered to him. As per Pablo’s words “there are some plans on the table for 2016 that may include gigs but we can get in more details on that subject when everything is settled.” So keep an eye on him, he is coming with more tales..

His mixtape for T.O.P. is a proper party night out in 50 minutes. He starts with a few warm up tunes and then he carries on with some real floor bangers heating the night up making us sweating. Real acid vibes feeding the body with energy so to smash the dance floor. Raw, killer tunes preparing for an unforgettable night. Finally, he closes the set with some ambient melodies embracing us closing the story and bringing us smoothly back to reality.

***Synthetic will be celebrating its first year anniversary on Saturday the 12th of December 2015. A full year which has seen more than 30 ‘Synthetic’ events that have hosted 17 notable international artists and more than 20 locals at 6 different spaces/venues in Thessaloniki. Their ‘next stop’ is the Club of the historic Mylos multiplex. Their main guests will be the legendary Detroit techno and electro pioneer Juan Atkins and the synthesizer guru Legowelt, who will be playing of his nowadays selective live sets. Supporting acts on the night will be the Echonomist and the Synthetic resident DJs***.

T.O.P. Records:Voices From The Lake – Live At MAXXI (Editions Mego)

Voices from the Lake is Donato Dozzy. Voices that are always coming  back the right moment.

One more priceless album by a first class artist on the record  label Editions Mego.

Atmospheric  vibes like deep from the jungle where the music is everywhere, where people and nature speak the same language. This album is trying to connect us with this idea. Mindtrips with indigenous voices and audio hallucinations. Experimentalish techno, ambient synths and melodies, abstract patterns and elegance. Music for deep  relaxation and meditation states. Nature and machines are getting together taking care of our minds. Live at Maxxi. We are  T.O.P.listing this record. A real gem.

Avalaible on: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/64200-emego209lp-voices-from-the-lake-live-at-maxxi