T.O.P. records: Mas-Géométrie Du Cœur EP (Modular Mind)


CoverMas is a French duo and they are presenting to us their first  EP project « Géométrie Du Cœur » ( Heart’s Geometry ) released on the young Modular Mind label.

Inspired by French culture, Paris and its mysteries. French movies and radio podcasts their main inspiration.

“Géométrie Du Coeur”, is  a thirty-minutes soundtrack split into six different tracks.

A narrative project where you will  find  pieces from interviews of Serge Gainsbourg, movies by Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaud also  texts written by the feminine half of Mas.

Dark noir aesthetics, like  the soundtrack of a bizarre surrealistic movie, experimentalish attitude, the perfect prologue for their forthcoming projects. An introduction to their world. A complete piece of art and more than just music. This EP is an audiovisual experience  triggering thoughts and emotions, a smooth progressive stimulant for the mind. 

Check more about here:  MAS

Tales of Art: #AnnaGarcía (ES)


Today we are opening our new section Tales of Art and we are glad to present you Anna Garcia and her artistic world!

We had a great chat with Anna and we have been nostalgic about  the unforgettable moments we had shared with the girls of Escalera de Incendios gallery located somewhere at our favourite Parlament street,  in Barcelona. Nice people,interactive performances, interesting meetings, art and … a way of life. It was not just a closed elitist  space, a stereotypical gallery, it was beyond that. Always supporting  new artists and innovative ideas, bringing art to where it truly belongs… to the people!

Anna and her fellows, are about  to start new projects now. She is making a lovely sharing with us talking about Art, politics, tendencies and of course… music! Fresh people with fresh ideas is all we need! A T.O.P. interview!

T.O.P.:  Who is Anna García?

A. G. : Anna is a girl from Alicante, Spain who had lived in Barcelona for more than 10 years. I came here to finish my studies in Fine Arts with the intention to go to Mexico and until now I haven’t left this place. One experience led to another and so I am still here!

T.O.P.:  How do you see Art and its tendencies nowadays in Barcelona? And in Europe?

A. G. : Well, this is quite generic question. Without doubt Barcelona is a very creative city but at the same time very stagnant in terms of Barcelona`s brand. When I decided to come and live here I was in love with this city as it was a city that it was shinning. All the best exhibitions of Spain were taking place here, in Barcelona,  but then more or less some 10 years ago everything started to change.  The city started to lose its identity drastically and supporting wrong cultural politics focusing in massive tourism that destroys everything under its steps.

Going back to your question, talking about the trade of Art in the level of the elite is not suffering at all, supporting Art through the basic culture is a madness, it seems impossible to me to talk about art in general as there are so many aspects.

Regarding the European context now, its obvious that considering the funds and support given to the artistic development comparing to the ones here, It is very clear that the evolution, development, quality, understanding and respect towards the creative figure are quite progressive comparing to Spain.

T.O.P.: What does Escalera de Incendios (incendio= fire) represent? Is it about an intellectual fire in the city?

A. G. : We have always used the term “cultural laboratory”.  Since 2012 we have been working on emerging art concepts, new creators and independent projects where their priority is the promotion of the democracy of Art. Bring the Art closer to the people, breaking the barriers between the gallery, the artist and the public, through creation, understanding and consideration. Moreover, demystifying the elitism of art is amongst our main actual purposes.


The Escalera de Incendios girls Anna Garcia y María Castillo

T.O.P. : Tell us a story you will never forget  during all these years

A. G. : Just 3 years ago we have started the #drawmysideface’ of the artist  Paula Bonet. She has asked from her followers to send her portraits in order to paint them becoming part of the exhibition. She has received a lot of them and  she has chosen 20 for the exhibition. The portrait we have chosen as an image for the exhibition was painted on one of the walls of the gallery. In the middle of the opening event a  girl of approximately 15 years old  appeared and asked to see Paula. We have immediately accompanied her to the artist and we asked how does she know her and she replied: “I am the girl of the wall! I am from Portugal!I am studying illustration and I love Paula Bonet, as I am a minor my mother signed for the allowance of my image rights and she bought the tickets as a present for me for a weekend in Barcelona. Now here we are with my mum and we came from Portugal to live this experience with you, thank you! ”. Well you can imagine the emotive moment with the girl and her mother. For this kind of moments it is worth it a lot to work for a project like that , that has an international and direct impact, at the same being so human. That´s wonderful!


T.O.P.:  What is your answer to those people claiming that the art is dead. Do you think that in periods of humanistic crisis like the one we are going through artists do keep having a significant role?  What are the biggest challenges for you?

A. G. : Art is not dead. I am working with new artists every day, and they have a lot to say . I would better say that the cultural elitist politics are démodé  and not well defined.

My most important challenge is to maintain a balance between gallery- artist- public!


T.O.P.: What’s happening currently in your life?

A. G. : I am fighting every day in order to be able to dedicate myself to what gives me life.. which means art!

It is very complicated to achieve a state of wellbeing, considering the actual politics. Art needs to be here with its critical spirit. I do not understand life without education, health, justice and culture if they are not for free and guaranteed for everybody.

Escalera de Incendios has been transformed into an online project. We have left the space after four years. It is very difficult to maintain a physical place while having commercial activities in Spain and the government do not support at all.  We are working to be able to come back to the streets in a new space. Currently, we are planning new exhibitions in several venues in Barcelona.

Working behind the scenes now is allowing to us to develop new cultural projects that will soon see the light! In October 2016 we are coming back with the second edition of the Young Gallery Weekend, an independent  festival of contemporary art, a initiative of Escalera de Incendios that we are really proud of.

T.O.P.: Who is your favourite artist, one you really admire and you would love to see his/her art in the gallery?

A. G. : I would love to work with Ernest Zacharevic, an urban artist. I am interested in the way he is integrate his art in the public space. As you see he is not pretentious at all, converting art in something daily is the key!


T.O.P.: If Escalera de Incendios was music what would it be?

A. G. :  Aiiii! What a difficult question! In Escalera de Incendios music has been always very present, we have always included musicians in our own events. From “bending” work-shops”, live acts with violins and saxophones, djs, electronic live acts and a lot more…

It would be really difficult that just one piece of music could represent us. Although, the last live act we have been was in for the Mutek Festival here in Barcelona was the  “Trialogue”. The result of the fusion of three artists: Bugge Wesseltoft a jazz pianist from Norway, Henrik Schwarz, king of german electronic music and Dan Berglund , a musician from Sweden from the club to the theatre coming together in a “delicate fusion of jazz, classical and electronic music” creating a dialog between them.


T.O.P.: Your favourite artists? Your favourite album?

A. G. : I have got a lot…. And of many and different styles.  I am fascinated by black music, classical artists like Billie Holiday and John Coltraine, Erika Badú or Jose James.

Also hip hop names such as hip-hop, J Dilla, Beastie Boys, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Roots Manuva, Goshtpoet…

Looking over my playlist of electronic music Four Tet, SBTRKT, TNGHT, Atom TM are never missing…. And the list is never ending…!

I don’t even have a favourite album.. Lets do  one thing! I am going to recommend you a Japanese-german hip hop producer under the name of Samon Kawamura and the record Thaima – Spur Of The Moment #1 (2012).

Then the last vinyl I have bought yesterday is the “Yesterday I Had The Blues”  the music of Billie Holiday by José James, the artist I had the pleasure to listen  some months ago!

T.O.P.: Our last and a bit bizzarish question. Which piece of art could heal the mind?

A.G.: Difficult questions you make!…hehhhehee

I invite you to join the world of  catalan photographer Blanca Viñas  www.blancaviñas.com. Her work is analog and basically with  lomo.


<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/160508554″>III Aniversario de Escalera de Incendios</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/escaleradeincendios”>Escalera de Incendios</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

More about Anna Garcia:


T.O.P. Interviews: Nico Deuster aka Dj Flush (KILLEKILL, DE)

nico deuster

Dark lights, black rooms, techno, acid, Chicago booty, electro, rave, Berlin nights, sound experiments, Berghain Kantine, friends and 15 years of successful events encounters  with big names!  The likes of  SANDWELL DISTRICT, TIM EXILE, REDSHAPE, OTTO VON SCHIRACH, T.RAUMSCHMIERE, CRISTIAN VOGEL and many more contribution towards 25 releases of real gems and unforgettable moments.

We have the extreme pleasure to welcome Dj Flush the man behind all the above. The guy behind KILLEKILL label  which has become a reference concept in the electronic music scene. Diverse styles within the electronic music spectrum coming together managing to represent the unique identity of KILLEKILL’s sound although staying coherent and comprised of quality from its very first moment. The recipe for the success comes from  Mr Nico Deuster. He spoke to us about the old days, label’s story the forthcoming KILLEKILL 025 Megahits II with date of release the 23rd of May. A powerful combination of artists celebrating together the dynamic KILLEKILL presence all these years. Umwelt, Eomac, Dez Williams, Bintus, the legendary Detroit Grand Pubahs, The Fool’s Stone,  Jerome Hill, Furfriend, Kamikaze Space Programme, Cassegrain & Tin Man,  Blake Baxter aka Prince of Techno and Alex Cortex will celebrate with you 15 years of the KILLEKILL experience. Enjoy this very special interview to Tales of Psychofonia. 


T.O.P.: Hi Nico, How do you feel after these years full of KILLEKILL adventures and great collaborations?

N.D.: I feel awesome. Although it gets a bit too much sometimes. : )

We have promoted almost 400 events, had about 50 releases on our labels and I must admit, I was worn out a bit, but since we have taken a break and are going to restart things very soon, I feel refreshed and am looking forward to what’s coming.

T.O.P.: Going back to when the KILLEKILL story started, can you share with us a story that you cherish from those days?

N.D.: One awesome night was, when Otto von Schirach played with Gabe Serbian (drummer of the locust). It was all pretty much improvised at that time, so we didn’t have a drum rug, and the kick drum was moving away under the heavy drumming of Gabe. It was all very personal at that time as well and so a girl from the audience helped out by laying in front of the drum set and holding the kick drum for the whole fucking show! With her head right next to it. I hope she hasn’t damaged her ears then… It was so great to see how everybody just wanted this to happen and do their part to make it work.

But basically looking back, what was the most exciting thing, was how much support we got from all sides. In particular as it was so personal. You would see people for the first time there. Then a second time, maybe talk a bit at the bar and suddenly they’d come every week. Some long term friendships have developed from that. Future interns, colleagues, friends etc.

T.O.P.: How do you see the evolution of rave from 90s to now?

I come from a punk rock background and I got into electronic music mostly because of the energy of rave. Unfortunately I was missing it for a while. “Rave” in terms of “raving about something” should be something enthusiastic. In that way rave was pretty much dead here in Berlin, when I started Killekill. That was actually the reason why I started it. But there is some enthusiasm now here in Berlin. There are a lot of new scenes and some of them are merging, and there are new places. And also the music got harder again and more diverse. I like that!

T.O.P.: The new compilation  KILLEKILL MEGAHITS II, as the 25th release of the label is a great celebration. What is the future for KILLEKILL? How do you wish to proceed with your new sub-labels?

N.D.: We have grown so much over the years. We run several labels, we run events of all kinds, we are a booking agency. I realize thats a bit confusing for some people. I mean we have got a lot of fans who appreciate our diversity, but for example I am having funny conversations sometimes about what sort of a label we are. Like “oh, I like your stuff, because you are the only Berlin electro label” or “ah, no, I don’t like your releases so much, because you know, I don’t play acid”.. So obviously this seems to be a bit difficult for people… So I felt it might make sense to get a bit more organized. We will have a label for conceptual stuff, albums etc, one for the club bangers, and some others. You will see!

killekill .jpg

T.O.P.: What are the building blocks of a good DJ set for you? Do you have one record never leaves your bag?

N.D.: Although I must admit that usually those sets work best where I commit to one style, I must say I personally prefer sets, which cross over several genres. Mostly the core of those sets of mine is ghetto house of Dj Deeon and the likes, because from there I can easily go into a harder techno direction as well as into house or electro.

T.O.P.: Who is your favourite artist/project/band currently?

N.D.: Maybe Umwelt? I was a fan of his music 20 years ago and actually thought he wasn’t doing anything anymore until lately I found him back and realized I still love everything he is doing. It’s quite pathetic sometimes, but I need this sentimental stuff sometimes. : )

T.O.P.: Which KILLEKILL release you would recommend as a “mind healer”?

N.D.: What’s a mind healer?

T.O.P: What has changed since the #001 Bad Cop Bad Cop ‎– Best Of Best Of until now, and what has remained the same until now?

N.D.: I would say the experience has grown. The enthusiasm and urge to stay independent from marketing plans and that sort of shit has stayed the same I would say.

T.O.P.: In all these 8 years is there any special event/ party you will never forget.. a special night?

N.D.: One of our first birthday events at Suicide Circus, I think it was the second birthday of Killekill, we thought it was a good idea to do a 30 hour event. I played indoors for 6 hours, then jumped into a b2b set with a friend on the open air floor for 3 hours, and then for whatever reason the three following dis canceled via text message or phone. I was sick, one was drunk, and one just didn’t come, if I remember right, and I ended up playing 21 hours altogether. Unprepared as I was, I had to play all tracks on my records, crossing over literally everything with friends who went home, slept, took showers, went to the lake afterwards and came back asking if I was playing again, but I was actually still on. That was pretty weird and unforgettable I must say…

T.O.P.: Has it been difficult for you to define KILLEKILL sound having controversial releases covering almost the whole spectrum of electronic music?

N.D.: Yes. 🙂

T.O.P.:Do you have any special events coming up?

N.D.: Yes, we have our birthday parties in Berlin and some other cities plus we have started a new line of events called The Pack, where I mostly invite friends, trying to stay free from all that usual headliner stress etc. Oh and of course we have got Krake coming! Our Berlin festival. See www.krake-festival.de for more info.

Thanks for the interview!

T.O.P.: Thank you too Nico for this great interview!


Raster Noton’s 20th Anniversary takes you closer inside their music

Rater Noton has been puting out ever forward thinking crisp productions now for 20 years going from strength to strengt and to celebrate they are in 2016 finding a new way to be immersed in their sound!

The White Circle is an installation that contains the crowd in a white glowing arch with up to 47 strategically placed speakers in a way to like the visual space to their musical concepts. The sound set up cam from ZKM sound dome and is used in such a way that by turning the speakers on and of in such a way to create that the listener had the chance to experience the sound rather than just listen to it.  All kinds of effects can then be created, from doppler to natural phasing.

The four main artists involves in painting these soundscapes will be Alva Noto, Byetone, Frank Bretschneider and Kangding Ray who have conjured new material contorted field recording for the occasion on this 4Dsoundsystem.

Catch their next performance in Berghain on the 28th of April  and if you miss that there will also be one in Sonar festival from June 16th, with other dates globally to be announced!


Exhibition opening of »white circle«, ZKM 2016 / © Photo: Béla Bende