T.O.P. Interviews: Reggy Van Oers (Telemorph)/Taciturn Manner/ forthcoming release

We had a chat with Reggy Van Oers, the Dutch producer , who has previously released on Affin, Informa and The Gods Planet. He is now releasing his debut album on his own imprint Telemorph on October 14th. Taciturn Manner is a great experimental techno album based in the beauty and emotion of nature: RVO used many field recordings as a source for his contemporary sound.  He speaks to T.O.P. about his “Taciturn Manner” album, his music and his philosophy around it.

With his platform Telemorph, a tight bond between all artists involved, he creates a special place for solo releases and fruitful collaborations in order to expand their distinct musical journey. We are pleased to announce and support this release.

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T.O.P. Who is Reggy Van Oers and what does Taciturn Manner mean for you?

RVO:Some things are exactly what they are, you can’t have any other interpretation, very outspoken let’s say. I believe it’s more interesting when words or meanings are hidden within their context which invites you to dive deeper to make it your own.
Taciturn Manner for me means being somehow reserved, still showing emotions and expressions but in a rather silent way. It’s all there if you are willing to take a closer look. If you want to make this little extra effort, you will see it and experience it on another level. Personally, this approach comes out naturally and it exactly reflects what i’m trying to communicate through music.

T.O.P.: Is there any special story regarding this album?

RVO: The album is a translation of quite recent events that happened out of the blue. During this time i’ve collected all contrasting feelings i had and divided them into separate sentences. These elements evolve singularly and slowly over time coming together in a tapestry of sound.

T.O.P.: What’s the stuff/digital/hardware etc. do you use at your live acts?

RVO: For my live act i use well produced parts of the album next to several “rougher” field recordings i’ve recorded for this occasion. My intention for every live set is to re-create the album in a slightly different way by shifting the emphasis on alternating layers. To keep everything compact my setup contains just a laptop and some midi controllers.

T.O.P.:Which is your favourite venue to perform at?

RVO: That’s a tough one as i’ve performed at many nice venues. It also depends on the setting regarding to the type of event for me. IFZ in Leipzig has been an amazing experience for me. Such a great vibe throughout the night until late in the morning. Very recent The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam has impressed me a lot. The location combined with the stunning view has created the perfect conditions to perform my album in a concert hall environment.

T.O.P.: What’s going on with your Morph events?

RVO: Last friday the 16th of September we had our 4th installment with morph at The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in collaboration with The Rest Is Noise. At the moment we are looking into the possibilities to expand our concept outside of The Netherlands. This year we have been approached by several event series in Europe to see if we would be interested in collaborating with them. With morph we have been focussing on showcasing several labels to introduce and support the sound and the artists they represent. We now also have shown a strong desire to invite people taking part into a trip exploring the broader spectrum of electronics performed by high quality artists. These two directions can make it very interesting to see where this could lead to.

T.O.P.: Any future plans?

RVO: There are some interesting collaborations planned on Telemorph and i’m discussing a special solo release at the moment. But unfortunately, at this stage, i can’t elaborate further on this. I’m going to release new material on several imprints the coming months which i’m looking forward to. Probably the first EP to come out is “Ingrained” on Affin including a beautiful remix from Acronym. Next to that i’ve done some contributions, one of them will be released on Polegroup, and remixes which will be out in the near future.

T.O.P: Which record would you recommend as a mind healer?

RVO: Rafael Anton Irisarri – Lesser Than The Sum Of Its Parts
No words describing it to be honest…

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Primal Need music video: https://vimeo.com/177991735

RVO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reggy-van-Oers-160658753990905/

Telemorph Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/telemorph
Telemorph Bandcamp: http://telemorph.bandcamp.com

T.O.P. Interview: LXV

T.O.P. invites LXV a promising artist from Pennsylvania. His album “Clear” was the one that triggered our interest and called our attention a lot.

The album is  a full-length LP of original content on the Catalan label, Anòmia.


The album is also very much about the more desolate aspects of urban life: modern ruins, wide, empty streets in industrial neighborhoods.


These muses instill in ‘Clear’ a mournful quality and, at times, a redemptive one. The fractured voices in ‘Clear’ represent the existential churning of the world, a churning which suggests there is a world underneath this imposed reality, just under the surface, wavering in and out of view.

We are presenting LXV and his words for T.O.P.


T.O.P.:  Where are you from and how do you find you local music scene?

LXV: I am currently living in Philadelphia. I find my local scene to be pretty cool and weird.
T.O.P.:The LP seems like scattered dreams and fragmented conversations, does this sound take influence from or even compliment any other art form like cubism for example? 
LXV:I have spent a lot of time in my life studying the history of art and practicing visual art. I think my brain is inclined to think visual-conceptually. Sound prohibits me from following the immediacy of some of my ideas, which I enjoy about it. It allows me to present my dreams, narratives and personal mythology abstractly through cryptographic compositions.
T.O.P.:What aesthetics do you try to portray when you enter the studio as LXV? 
LXV: I think aesthetics I am conjuring represent purely the absurdity of our five sense reality. I think maybe, in LXV, what is better represented is the breaking down of aesthetics and subsequent path towards some primordial, proto-symbolic language.
T.O.P.:Do you find it important for music to represent certain aspects of life?
LXV: Certainly. For me personally creating music is only worth it if it has some foundation of conceptual meaning, even if that meaning is obscured to the audience. I am rarely compelled to make music without this precursor.
T.O.P. What kinds of things in life inspire you to be creative?
LXV: I think consciousness is already such a strange thing that it doesn’t take much to get me going.
T.O.P.: Where would you find the most ideal place/ venue to enjoy your music?
LXV: Maybe abandoned Olympic stadiums of yesteryear. I personally enjoy to listen to music in states of transit. Something about being in motion. I think this is a good setting to listen to LXV.
T.O.P.: Do you find any new pieces of musical hard/software pushing things forward in terms of experimental music?
LXV: I usually find myself pretty unimpressed by the software/ hardware itself. I think when the work becomes about the technology I lose interest. I am much more enthralled by someone viewing the world suspiciously and using technology to realize their ideas as opposed to inspire them.
T.O.P: Psychofonia is a method to treat migraine with music,  what album/record would you put on to heal the mind?
LXV: Forest Management- Artificial Emotions
Steven Halpern and Georgia Kelly- Ancient Echoes
Brian Eno- Compact Forest Proposal
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