SKALAR: An urban oasis @ Kraftwerk, Berlin

“SKALAR” is a large-scale art installation by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Following a highly-successful collaboration between WHITEvoid, Kraftwerk, and CTM in 2016 with “Deep Web,” CTM 2018 Festival is pleased to host this next artistic venture within its titular Turmoil edition.” (

An explosive combination of moving patterns and lights with an explorative, intense emotional sound waves.

Kratfwerk’ s imposing industrial architecture embraces this work and emphasizes the potential of this moving piece of art. The installation is consisted of powerful lights, cold and warm and round suspended mirrors. An optic-acoustic game of illusions and sensations. The whole experience suggests the difference of perspectives in everyday life, the alteration between light and darkness and the uniqueness of each viewpoint.

Skalar is like a moving sky full of magnetising  stars and mirrors, a powerful artificial space, an oasis in our urban fast-forward environments. If you are in Berlin  on any of these dates  27.1 – 25.2.2018 do not miss it. Just lie in the dark and enjoy the experience enhanced by the extremely dynamic sound of our favourite Kangding Ray ( Stroboscopic Artefacts, Raster Noton).

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Runs: 27.1 – 25.2.2018

Installation Times: Mon–Thurs 15–21h, Fri–Sat 13–23h, Sun 13–21h

Live Performances: 4.2. @ 18h & 20h30, 24.2. @ 20h & 22h30, 25.2. @ 18h & 20h30

Tickets: 12/9 € (installation), 25€ (live performance)

Venue: Kraftwerk Berlin

T.O.P. Interview: Abyss X (Halcyon Veil, Danse Noire)



She first enchanted us with her Mouthed EP on Halcyon Veil, released in 2016. Now the Greek dark artist/performer comes back  with a forthcoming emotive album on the Swiss Danse Noire. A lyrical journey full of emotions and abyssal, chaotic  waves. Her Lyrical Waxing is something like a manifestation of archetypes and deep rooted human expressions. An exploration of the  psyche. This is an interview with Abyss X for Tales of Psychofonia.

T.O.P. : Why Abyss?

Abyss X: Abyss is like a vacuum and a doorway at the same time. I believe there’s also a lack of Abyss as a Goddess in ancient Greek mythology, a fact that proves its fierce nature.

T.O.P.: How would you describe your journey into the music?

Abyss X: It feels like an accidental encounter.

 T.O.P.: What are these elements that most influence your work? Is there anything particular that fires your creativity and imagination?

Cyclothymia, intense emotional states, beauty and nature.

T.O.P.: Who is your favourite artist for this period?

Abyss X: My favourite artists have been the same ever since I remember exploring the vast sea of music. I would say Velvet Acid Christ really expanded my sonic perception ever since I was in my early teens.

T.O.P.: What’s the story behind the “Lyrical Waxing album and the Danse Noire collaboration?

Abyss X: The label initially reached out to inquire for a remix for one of their artists’ forthcoming release. As I don’t really do remixes, they suggested we collaborated on a release. I so happened to have the material so we initiated the process right away.

T.O.P.: Do you have any plans for the near future?

Abyss X: I’d like to bring back my performance, theatre and dance work so I will try to focus a bit more on developping projects of this nature.

T.O.P.: Which record/tune would you recommend as a tale of psychofonia, a tale to heal the mind?

Abyss X: I think my EP ‘Mouthed’ is very much about that.

photography: Kostis Fokas and NSFW 

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