T.O.P. Reviews: Luna verde / القمر ا خضر by Wara´ (ES)

Wará is the moniker of Fran Mora from Barcelona. Through this project the listener experiences Mora’s internal wandering and his encounter with his own Arabic routes.  A multicultural reflection of Arabic sounds and aesthetics with a strong dark attitude. This album is like a statement. A proof that when the music comes out of personal journeys, spiritual and mental growth is pure quality. It has a definite impact on the listener and it does not leave you indifferent. All the tunes sound like a prayer echoing across the streets of the  ¨state¨ of Raval, one of the most eccentric, multicultural, colourful and underground neighbourhood in Barcelona, full of Arabic markets and barber shops where life is happening and different smells and stories influence the artist.  For those who lived in the city it is  well obvious how  this is reflected on Luna Verde.

A complete piece of heavy industrial and dark raw electronica released on Fran Mora’s record label Urban Legend.

The EP contains the below tracks:

A1- Dahi Bhalle / داي باجي

A2 – Albahr al’ahmar / البحر ا حمر

B1 – Najam aishamal / نجم الشمال

B2 – Umar shirazee / عمر شيرازي


Support the artist and buy the record:


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