Nature is us, us as pure sentient beings. We are bleeding thus nature is bleeding,too. Blood is life and life is blood. THE RED SERIES are tales of music extracted from our collective unconscious, from our earthly hypostasis. Music as the Angel watcher of the Earth. #THEREDSERIES 

Today, we are celebrating our 40th podcast which is the 1st tale of our RED SERIES.

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T.O.P. Reviews: Workout EP – Laksa (Bastakiya tapes)

Laksa‘s (Ilian Tape, Timedance) new beauty is presented by Bastakiya tapes. Workout EP is a 10″ limited edition and it is an explosive record. Two are the stops of the journey: “Workout” is a solid techno tune with transcendental aura. Burried beats struggling to come onto the surface and burst the dancefloor. A sacrifice to the Gods of organic techno.  “RAM” is like a hammer smashing, slowly but steadily, whatever you have taken for granted till now. Corrupted hi hats and snares which slap your mind, in the end, disrupted by flaming drums leaving you craving more and more.

T.O.P. Reviews: Silently Hopelessly-Restive Plaggona (Thrènes)

Today’s words are dedicated to Restive Plaggona and his LP Silently Hopelessly released in December 2017, on  the  Swiss label Thrènes,  including an exclusive remix by Ancestral Voices.

A complete robust project which will shake your existence, it will vibrate every single cell of your body and it will create the right frequencies for an inner journey with an unpredictable destination. Melodramatic soundscapes with imposing  baselines, dropping like a mental earthquake.

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T.O.P. Podcast series: Trip Electric (DE)

Today´s podcast is tailored by Despina Aka Trip Electric. I met Despina a couple of months ago whilst we were both digging records at Idle Hands record store, in Bristol. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece she is now based in Berlin. Although, she might miss the sun and the good weather she never lacks the zest for music exploration. Her music selection oscillates from techno and house to jungle and breakbeat… and not only. Despina is also flirting with different styles of music through her regular shows on Paranoise Radio (GR).


Klaus – Gus
Theo Parrish – Paradise Architects
Alvin Aronson – Drone Techno
Batu and Lurka – Kneqq
Forest Drive West – Escape
Sampha – 100C Plastic (Batu Remix)
Schacke – A Future Not Materialized
KADAJANE – Fast Food Therapy
Tyrees – Switch Back Smith
Rob Smith – Living In Unity
Skee Mask – Street Lvl
Baraka – I’ll be there
Omo Frenchie – Makelele
DJ Qu – Soma

T.O.P. Interview: Constantine (Bedouin records)

by Helena Markos

Almost three weeks ago, Tales of Psychofonia travelled to Barcelona in order to meet the Urban Legend guys who were organising their Circuito Cerrado III, at Miscellanea Gallery somewhere between the little lanes of Raval.  It was an honour for me opening a night like that with two very robust acts, such as Huma’s (Hedonic Reversal) and Constantine’s (Bedouin records) with his Hades flooding the space with emotions. Hades  is a body/mind experience and an evolving piece of art. It is an encounter and an exploration which leads the listener to deep and  unexplored paths. It is a psychological journey evoking sensations, reconnecting us with our human hypostastis, making us feel alive.


Constantine by Teresa Espadafor @ Circuito Cerrado, Miscellanea Gallery, BCN, April 2018

Before the event, Constantine was happy to talk to me about his album, his collaboration with Bedouin,about human relationships, his inspiration and future projects. Constantine Skourlis, based in Athens, is an honest artist with positive attitude towards life. A visionary who always tries to overcome his limits and go beyond the norms. An artist with strong belief in human values and human bonds. Confident about his work and at the same time down-to-earth with his encounters, lover of  simplicity and subtraction. A contemporary artist who listens and responds to his surroundings through his delicate  touch and deep self-reflection.

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