T.O.P Reviews: Raroh, Głós The Perfect Moment In Time​ -​Space Continuum (Unknown Timeline)

A dark and spiritual quest, in the middle of a mental mayhem. A mind-burning record, orchestrated by the Polish newcomer Raroh and the Poznań-born Głós. Six mesmerising techno tracks, with intense trance references and a deep astonishing evolution. EBM aesthetics, accompanied by psychogenic melodies and punchy beats. Filthy sounds corrupting melodies and Burialish vocals (Głós- Ultima (Sans)), framing the perfect winter ambience. The Perfect Moment In Time​- ​Space Continuum narrates the most unforgettable moment of a night filled with incomplete sins and craving. A state before the last dance, an hypnotic spell on someone you might never see again. A split EP with the special seal of the Warsaw-based record label, Unknown Timeline.

The stops of the journey are:

Raroh – Encounters At The End Of The World 
Raroh – 1013 
Raroh – Oresteia 
Głós – Ultima (Serif) 
Głós – Ultima (Sans) 
Głós – Reflector

released December 7, 2018

unknown limited