Premiere: Void Cells- ‘Daysofwar’, Днивойны (Blind Allies)

Void Cells comes back to the Latvian, avant-garde label Blind Allies. The EP ‘Daysofwar’, Дни войны in Russian, is an outstanding release with two of the tracks characterised by a more noise – experimental atmosphere and the other two, by a more dance-floor orientated approach.

We choose to premiere the track ‘Daysofwar’, a track with a sentimental synth melody followed by a steady, solid kick drum, all enriched by Void Cells’s passionate and raging vocals; a helpless scream for all the undeclared wars. Exquisite and emotive.


  1. Днивойны Daysofwar
  2. Самоуход Leaving Self
  3. Инкеаборга Inceaborga
  4. Непрекращающееся Сопротивление Endless Resistance

Artwork: Stephanie Zapolska
Model: Pauline Shilina
Mastering: AV

releases April 9, 2021