T.O.P. Interview: Peur Bleue Records (UK/FR)


Some days ago we have presented the Beyond Time-Interpretations EP by Nummer, released on Peur Bleue (Nummer • Beyond Time – Interpretations / EP / Peur Bleue Records PBR004).

Today, we are glad to share with you an interesting and inspiring interview by Anatole half of the label’s duo, who is based in London. He is answering to our questions, giving us an idea of the concept behind this label and its philosophy. We welcome Peur Bleue records on Tales of Psychofonia,  first interview for 2015.

1. How did Peur Bleue come about?Where are you based? What is behind that mysterious black & white Peur Bleue?

Originally we’ve decided to create the label Peur Bleue Records for the release of my album (Gohan – Peur – PBR001). It was quite a natural idea as I was already writing and posting some stuff on my blog called… Peur Bleue.

I’m based in London and my brother, in charge of the graphic design, is based in Paris.

We are trying to incorporate the idea of using a wide range of sources and samples with our musical and visual identity. The détournement ideology is key for us, we’re always – intentionally or not – working with that idea in mind.

We obviously like industrial and punk aesthetic, but to be fair it’s not really a controversial statement nowadays. Oh, and we are not necessarily black&white die-hards!

2. We really love your last EP.  Can you tell us a little bit about your last release Interpretations- Beyond Time EP and your collaboration with Nummer?

I’ve met those two rascals (Nummer) through friends. I was quite excited when I heard their tunes and we started to work together on the direction for an EP. That was their first release and our first vinyl release so we had both a bit of pressure, but they managed to find their ‘sound’ through the EP and the feedback on it were great.

3. We are trying not to put  labels on music although sometimes is inevitable. Could you give us a description or just  an idea of what music you represent. What is the main core of your sound?

It is a legitimate question but extremely difficult to answer! I have no idea about the genre we are ‘representing’ but from my point of view I conceptualise each release like a movie soundtrack. It’s an interesting and recurrent analogy about our releases. We seek a sort of narrative basis in our releases, no matter their final destination from a stuffy dancefloor to a musique concrete concert hall, it doesn’t matter at all, we love both.

4. Can you name some influences, either records or artists?

Wow there are so many, that would take ages! In terms of London labels, I really dig Blackest Ever Black and Trilogy Tapes releases among plenty of other great labels. I am also big fan of the current Dutch scene with labels like Viewlexx, Murder Capital, Pinkman,  Crème Organization, Chronocircle and the new label Knekelhuis. In terms of artists, I’ve been particularly obsessed with the music of Gesloten Cirkel, Call Super, Mica Levi, Future or DJ Overdose in 2014.

5. We like the discrete, underground but at the same time elegant profile  of yours as this is presented on your web page. Are you planning any label nights?

We used to organise nights but it came to a point where it wasn’t really interesting artistically and too much hassle and stress. But we’re planning to organise label nights again this year if we find a good venue and why not some help for a promoter. We’d love to present Nummer’s 100% analog live as well.

6. What are your next steps? Any future collaborations?

We’re a small label so our schedule is not planned for the next two years like for some big labels, but we have a couple releases ready for 2015. Though our release schedule is really slow since we start the production of the next imprint once we are comfortable with the sales of the previous release. On a mid-term perspective we’ll be hopefully less relient on this model.

We’d love to collaborate with new artists in the future, unknown and established ones, it doesn’t really matter to us. We’re always pleased to receive new demos and we try to give some feedback for all of them.

7. Which record would you choose to welcome  2015?

My EP obviously! It’s called ‘Stabbed In Konya’ with a limited pressing of 300 copies. More info to come over January about it. The release date is planned for February, keep it locked!

8. Which were the most important tunes, artists or albums of 2014 for you ?

Shinichi Atobe – Butterfly Effect LP

Rapoon – Cultural Forgeries LP

Muyei Power – Sierra Leone in 1970s USA

Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X LP

Francis Bebey – Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984

Bernard Szajner – Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune

Beau Wanzer – Untitled LP

Future – Monster (mixtape°

Architectural ‎– Secret Chapter LP

Nummer – Beyond Time: Interpretations EP

DJ Overdose – Higher And Higher EP

Dan White – Death Flutes EP

Ceol – The Light EP

Cliff Lothar – Skudge White 05 EP

Phrased – Blind EP

Colin Potter ‎– “I Couldn’t Agree…” EP

Mikael Seifu – Yarada Lij

Karen Gwyer – Missisissipippi

Dopplereffekt – Delta Wave

Rochelle Jordan – Follow Me

Barnt – Under His Own Name But Also Sir

M.Rav – Depravation

Young Thug – Scared Of You

Move D – Willenlos

Dj Stingray – Assassin

Owl – Track 1 (OWL 002)

The Stranger –  Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends?

9. For the end, we keep  our bizarre question. Do you have any tale of psychofonia to tell us?

To treat your migraine through music, listen repeatedely Shackleton’s ‘Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos’ Apocalypso Now Mix)’ in a dark room and very loud. Hopes and migraine will hastly go away. Guaranteed.


picture: Gohan in action___

For more stuff about  Peur Bleue check their web site: http://peurbleue.com/