Tales Of Psychofonia

T.O.P. Podcast series: Nocturne_(UK)

Having grown up in a family of classically trained musicians, Nocturne has been surrounded and fascinated by music from a young age, very early on sketching out primitive compositions on … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast series:Makgun (TR)

We start this week with a powerful, dynamic techno mix designed by our Turkish fellow Makgun from our lovely  Istanbul. A late hours’ trancey and ritualistic trip dedicated to techno … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast series:FLORIAN (Misik/enterthevoid/DE)

Florian is a dj and producer  from Hannover and he plays strictly vinyl. At home, he is on his own event – enterthevoid- at the Club Faust/ Mephisto. The record label … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast Series: CATHY (NL)

Tonights Tale comes from Cathy who takes us on a voyage skipping between the the fuzzy lines of house and techno. She says that the “(music) style doesn’t matter, over all … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast Series: IAKOVOS (GR)

Tales of Psychofonia welcomes its  first guest  for 2016.  IAKOVOS, is a  dj and producer from Thessaloniki, Greece. He is member of Deemonlover and Anopolis. Iakovos participated in RBMA back when … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast series: Drug Machine aka Mater Suspiria Vision

Today we have a special mix from ‘Drug Machine (Mater Suspiria Vision Side-Project). We present The Electronic Body Implant Mixtape, one of the most bizarre sets we have ever had on … Continue reading

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T.O.P. Podcast series: Merve Bozdag (TR)

Today we are going to Istanbul. Merve Bozdag is our today´s guest and her beautiful selection of oriental vibes and music for a contemporary fairy tales. Her mix for Tales … Continue reading

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