T.O.P. Podcast series: Resonant Coil (IT)

Our 38th podcast is a precious mix made by Resonant Coil (Retina.it) an Italian artist  with a very refined taste in music. This mix is an elegant blend of high quality ambient, experimental and noise sounds. You will experience high quality cinematographic soundscapes mixed with hazy atmospheres, which will impress even the most demanding listener. Big room electronic music and insightful vibes for those who seek emotions and intense experiences through music.
Resonant Coil is the moniker of Nicola Buono, who started his dj career in the 90’s but he later decided to dedicate his interests to live music and production. Co-founder of Retina.it together with Lino monaco, he has been active since 2000 with several live shows in different festivals (Sonar, Boom, Neapolis etc) and he has also released with labels such as Hefty Records, Semantica, Substrato, Glacial Movements, Flatemate,etc. Nicola has shared many other projects with Lino Monaco, The Ne-21 (Domestica Rec.2013 , She Lost Control 2017) R2p (Midgard Rec. 2017, with PRG/M and Ruigh) Brood (Hefty Records 2008 with John Hughes) Resina (Mousikelab 2003, with Marco Messina) Qmen (Design music 1997, Primate Rec. 1998, Conform Rec. 1999, with Rino Cerrone. DIY lover. He builds up his own acoustic and electronic instruments, such as modular synth, noise box, efx. He prefers darker sounds, floating between dub, evocative ethnic music, with some noise and industrial elements.

Some of his remarkable collaborations are:
Störung Festival Ensemble, Celen (student ensemble of music accademy “Cimarosa” Avellino (IT) with whom HD gave birth to a perfomance based on the music of Carlo Gesualdo and Pierre Schaffer. more collaborations : Svreca, Donato Dozzy, Gianluca Becuzzi, Red Sector A, Dadub, Giorgio li Calzi, and more…).

Heidseck – Lake
Constantine – Divide
Francisco Lopez – ‘Sonic Seeds’ (Subsidence Collective mutation)
Mika Vainio – Muisto Palaa Selittämättömästi = A Memory Returning
Belief Defect- No Hope No Fear
Kotra – Magicicada Cycle Opened
Resonant Coil – Pragmatic Mouse
Matter – Exsolution
Retina.it/Plaster – Sybilla
vÄäristymä – Vieras
Yves de Mey – Mika
Sturqen – Metrologia
Plaster – Blade
Max Durante – Can’t Rain Every Day
Robert Rich – Spectre of Lost Light

T.O.P. Podcast series: Funkia (ES)

Funkia is Borja Diaz from Spain. He has worked on the radio and organized small events. and he also spent eight years specialising in the electronic music press. Even though he loves all kind of genres his big passions are  electronic and jazz.

Suffice it to say, Funkia is a great record collector and his sets are both eclectic and unpredictable. Tales of Psychofonia chooses him for its 37th podcast, in which you will encounter with ambient, trancey and hypnotic rhythms, styles he has been lately developing and experimenting with.


Mr Zu – Retaw

Tdel – Phased TransitionInanitas – Tuesday Evening

subLOGIC – Maneuvers

Pjusk & Porya Hatami – Haras

Moon Wheel – Four Formless Absorptions

Mechanist – Ley Lines

Martin Nonstatic – Outermost Structure

Silvania – Puerto 3 (Dj Galax Mix)

Coppice Halifax – Atmo

Crotaphytus – Acanthosaura

Scuba Death – Cracks In The Shield

Rie Lambdoll / Relapxych.0 – In The Maze

Hydrangea – Winter Sleep

Aes Dana – The Meeting Point

T.O.P. Podcast series: Helena Markos (UK)

This week we present a podcast tailored by Helena Markos, the lady behind T.O.P. Passionate, vibrant and atmospheric sounds where the words are converted into soundscapes. This is a vinyl only set made with love and it is dedicated to all people who have been actively supporting Tales of Psychofonia during all these years.

Special thanks to Thrènes record label, Velona Records, MK and Phil.


Namaz Sureleri- Diyanet Isleri Baskanligi
Midori Takada- Trompe-l’oeil- We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Pan Daijing- A Loving Tongue -PAN
AshTreJinkins- What Voice -Apron Records
Fonemi- Tra Le Rovine- Blackwater
Ourea- Dysomnia-Horo
αίών- Intrication-Quanta
Developer- Aspect – Olympian
VSK- Echinopsis- Dyad
Marco Zenker- Night Vision- Ilian Tape
Rotkeller- 17 October- Thrènes
Goblin- Witch- AMS/Cinevox

T.O.P. Podcast series: Fonemi (Blackwater, IT)

Fonemi has totally enchanted us with his last Cosmopolis EP released on  Blackwater. Ritualistic hymns to our collective inner subconscious like a Jungian archetype with an hypnotising vibe. A utopic COSMO-polis full of new sounds and images committed to quality leading to a  never ending mind journey.


Fonemi pic

Cosmopolis EP- Fonemi (Blackwater)


Fonemi is Vito Santoro, an Italian writer, novelist and producer. Santoro juxtaposes the passion for the crime stories with electronic music, thinking his music as a soundtrack for his novels. His style blends ambient music, experimentalism and ethnic suggestions. Recently he has released two ep’s: “Cosmopolis” (Blackwater Records), a tribute to Don DeLillo’s novel, a modern odyssey along the streets of a crowded metropolis, and “Porta d’Oriente” (Putsch Records), four tracks load of ritual and tribal recalls. Fonemi under his alias Sicarius Hahni produces rhythmical and electronic oriented sounds.

Today we are very excited as we have the wonderful opportunity to share with you a taste of Fonemi’s mysterious world through his exclusive podcast for Tales of Psychofonia. A selection of sixteen breathtaking tunes some of which produced by Mr Vito Santoro himself. Get absorbed by his magnetising music and save the name; Fonemi aka Sicarius Hahni.

Isotropy – Dopplereffekt
Bisogni Primari – Fonemi
John Doe’s Carnival of Error – Blanck Mass
Ezra – Oneohtrix Point Never
Lakker – Pylon
Knights & Bishops – Ancient Methods
Il Punto Cieco – Sicarius Hahni
Out of Horse – Ryuichi Sakamoto
Carbon 7 – Jlin
Drifter – Biosphere
Mizu – Niagara
Is This Power – The Field
Rainy Souls, Gloomy Futures – Clap! Clap! Clap!
Transience – Scuba
Music for the Quiet Hour Part 1 – Shackleton
Il Filo dell’Orizzonte – Fonemi

T.O.P. Interview: Marguerite Records+ Podcast Alter D (IT)

marguerite logo

Tales of Psychofonia travels to Italy and brings fresh Mediterranean air. We indulged into the magic of the beautifully dark world of Marguerite records, a very upcoming and promising label that supports vinyl and promotes exquisite music of different genres. Lucas Martinez and Alter D are the guys behind it and they are committed to quality,  fiddling with new sounds from experimental/ ambient to raw and mindful techno. Tales interviewed Luca Martinez and we are very pleased to present our 34th mix by Alter D. This an hour of organic, noir and primitive but also romantic mix, made exclusively for Tales of Psychofonia. Ritualistic whispers from a forbidden landscape.

T.O.P. : What is Marguerite Records?

L.M.: Marguerite Records is a creation of the twisted and definitely deviant Davide and Luca’s minds, signed by evergreen records by Gene Hunt, Dj Damage, 3 chairs, Shinici, Robert Owens and experimental sounds. We are open-minded guys; we listen from house old school to noise.

Marguerite record is a home-made workshop of music where you can find downtempo, acid, raw house, lo-fi and modern techno.

From the beginning, we have strictly believed in cassette format with the hope of market’s raising.

Our flexibility is tested by the choice of Mixtape Series, an opportunity to show the real essence of artists we like, as a product of their music research without filters and hype conditions.

Mixtape by Filippo Zenna was supported by artist like Volcov. MRG001(tape) was sold out in three weeks, we have received full support from Willis Anne, Brassfoot and other good names of the European scene.

T.O.P.: How would you describe your sound and how is this represented through your releases?

L.M.: Marguerite Records wants to show the power of contemporary sounds. We have started from raw vibes but that’ s not all. Here in Italy, we made lo-fi before it becomes a hype musical product and just business. We don’t follow the Italian scene or a particular label from Europe. We just want to be honest to our concept of sound; a sound that takes inspiration from the past but it’s strictly connected to the future.

T.O.P.: Can you tell us few things about your last releases and what are you up to next?

L.M.: MRG002 was our first vinyl release and it was one of the best experience of our life. Except for mastering (shouts out for Marco Pellegrino) we did everything ourselves, including distribution!It was hard but incredible. This experience made me more confident within the vinyl world.

Now, we are ready to come back!! Out soon MRG003, another Various artist composed by five Italian talents, all good producers with other releases in their discography. We are so proud of this release!! We have just received some requests for Marguerite Records Showcase.

T.O.P.: Any influences?

L.M.: We are always focused on listening new stuff from different producers around the world. Fortunately, we have contact with many of the artists that are an inspiration for us. We are addicted to Trilogy Tapes, 1080p, Apron Records, L.I.E.S, Relative, LLM, Exotic Dance Records, Proibito Records, Lobster Theremin, Bank Records, Crème Organization, Pan, Dko Records, Brothers From Different Mothers, Noorden, Renascence, MMODEMM, Pinkman, Farbwechsel and Berceuse Heroique.

T.O.P: Do Italians do it better?How do you perceive the electronic music scene in your own cultural context? Things that you like and others that you don’t?

 L.M.: Basically we support artists that we appreciate as producers but also for their human values. Marguerite Records is a workshop, as I said before, for friends at first, but also for European talented people who want to be part of our family. An artist on Marguerite is not just a name but h  also part of the project and we also love to create connections out of Milan, where we are based.

I like cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Bristol, Paris, Lyon, Bruxelles because their people are always pleased to listen to new stuff and keep in touch with new crews. In Italy, it’s completely different, but it’s a long and sad story….

T.O.P.: Finally, we like to ask this; Which album would you recommend as a soul and mind healer?

L.M.: Moon B – Lifeworld (1080p). Thanks so much for the opportunity, guys!!

Alter D is co-founder of Marguerite Records with releases on Hardmoon, sub label of Wilson and Raw Culture. New stuff by him is coming soon, on a USA label with together with two big artists.An Italian guy, Alter D is the hot name of outsider electronic scene in Italy. He loves exploring new sounds and keeping an ear on the new vibes from the world. Alte D is well-known as a producer and very good selector with a huge musical background. He has been hosted by Rinse Fm, Radio Raheem, Intro-Spettiva Radio and excellent podcast series Mushi-shi Radio. He has also been chosen as selecta by the Attic Magazine.
He played alongside Philou Louzolo, MGUN and he also did the warm up for the famous jazzman Gianluca Petrella. Currently, he is working on his first solo ep!

Alter D.jpg

Alter D

Check more on: 


T.O.P. Podcast series: D’Jones (GR)

Today’s guest is D’ Jones, a Greek, London-based, dj and producer. Throughout the years he managed to expand his taste and he got influenced by the best names in the scene. He is also a member of the Silk group which threw out some good parties in the city, and D’Jones had  also the chance to share decks with some well-known artists such as Kreon and Alex Celler. Today, we present his long mix made for T.O.P., an interesting blending of melodic techno with some sprinkles of old-school acid, a set ideal for late hours wanderers.























T.O.P. Podcast series: Nocturne_(UK)

Having grown up in a family of classically trained musicians, Nocturne has been surrounded and fascinated by music from a young age, very early on sketching out primitive compositions on his grandad’s collection of keyboards; He bought his own set of decks with pocket money at the age of 12 and has dabbled with dj’ing on and off ever since, mostly playing house parties and putting out his own mix series without playing out professionally yet. His influences are disparate and wide-ranging but geography plays a key-part in the forming of what could be called his ‘sound’. Having grown up near Bristol and lived in Manchester for the past 7 years, has been influenced by both cities which are renowned for producing artists with a sense of the experimental, dis-regarding genre-purism and with a streak of the melancholy in their music.

“As a result, whilst it has become somewhat of a cliche in itself to say you have a style that’s hard to pin down, I would say that although genre and tempo are unimportant to me I tend to be drawn to music with a dark and anxious mood, that sits on the leftfield of what is expected and generally has an experimental streak. I admire DJ’s and producers such as Objekt, Call Super and Ben UFO; guys that disregard the idea that you should fit comfortably within a pigeonhole and have played a unique role in pushing forward the expectations of how a ‘techno’ set and track should sound. I am also inspired by the connection of the visual and aural and am drawn to labels, parties and artists with a strong aesthetic concept behind their work, something which I have tried to capture by producing the artwork for my mix series.”

We are excited to present this compelling, eccentric and powerful mix for Tales of Psychofonia. Our first podcast for 2017!ENJOY!


Acteurs – Dusk Disappearing [Public Information]
Eszaid – Florence Rey [Collapsing Market]
Positive Centre – Disappearing Trick [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Karen Gwyer – Judd Drums [Public Information]
Daniele Ciullini – Marbles In The Garden [Ecstatic]
Villa Åbo – Syndrome Beautiful [Noise in My Head]
Amato – The Labyrinth [Cititrax]
ADMX-71 – Anxious Solitude [L.I.E.S.]
Solid Blake – Burns [brokntoys]
Future-Past – Nebula Variation [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
N1L – Sleep Arcitecture [UIQ]
Yves De Mey – Partical Match [Sandwell District]
Lumisokea – Dotted [Opal Tapes]
Cassegrain – Hexagon Fifteen [Prologue]
Bruce – In Line [Hemlock]
Batu – Murmur [Timedance]
YPY – Mass [Where To Now?]
Inga Mauer – Silences [shtum]
Joy Orbison – Waldorf Widow [Toss Portal]
Kilner – Otto Morph [Avian]
Abdullah Rashim – Proceeding to Infinity [Northern Electronics]
Arcing Seas – Amniotic [Our Circula Sound]
Rrose – Specimen 3 [Infrastructure New York]
Pessimist – Pagans [Osiris]
Pessimist – Orphic [Blackest Ever Black]
Turinn – Ovum [Modern Love]
DJ Stingray – Hypoalgesia [Presto!?]
Nebulo – Offgrid [Phinery]