T.O.P mix: TEDKA

Today we bring you a mix by Theodora Marinova aka TEDKA, a DJ from Bulgaria, living in London. Theodora developed an interest in electronic music, the rave culture and parties from a very early age. Growing up in the hardcore East, where this culture is not so popular, she tried to get a taste of it in every way possible. Later on, TEDKA had the chance to experience one of the crucial scenes for electronic music in Europe – the Berlin scene and was so inspired that she ended up researching techno and the electronic music industry in her Master studies in London as well. Apart from techno, her musical interests are spread over the entire spectrum of music from Prince to Aphex Twin and everything else in between. TEDKA’s aesthetics have developed as a result of her love for techno. TEDKA doesn’t like the strict division and categorisation of electronic music into genres and enjoys exploring different musical concepts. In the last year, her curiosity and creativity have been largely inspired by electro and body music, as much as by techno. In the last couple of months, TEDKA has also participated in the Bulgarian Stamina parties, where she had the chance to play alongside Perc and 99999999. You can catch her playing next at Balkan Station Episode 2, scheduled to take place in early September.

TEDKA provides us with an hour of driving EBM fire, filled with techno elements, a right teaser for the nights to come…


Maelstrom & Louisahhh – Fix Fix Fix (Cardopusher Remix) [Discos Atónicos]
Jensen Interceptor – Promise [Pinkman]
Pablo Bozzi – 42 Chambers [BITE]
Morah – Voltage 3 [Modal Analysis]
Imperial Black Unit – Your Kind Is Extinct [SOIL]
Years of Denial – Are You Afraid? [Tales of Psychofonia]
Teste – The Wipe (Terence Fixmer Revision 1/2) [Edit Select]
Hante – RESPECT (Kontravoid Remix) [Synth Religion]
Regis – Blood Tide [Downwards]
Fatal Morgana – Glasnost (Imperial Black Unit Remix) [mecanica]
SARIN – Psychic Driving (Phase Fatale Remix) [BITE]
Nitzer Ebb – Join the Chant (Slam Rework) [Soma Records]
Fixmer/Mccarthy – Let It Begin (Phase Fatale) [Planete Rouge Records]
Boy Harsher – Suitor [Nude Club Records]
Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano – Riot Surfers [Pinkman]
Vulkanski – Junkyard [m_division]
Nigh/T\mare – Graveyard (Concept of Thrill Remix) [DVNTT]
Illektrolab – Paranoid Android [brokntoys]
VOLRUPTUS – Tapetum Lucidum [bbbbbb recors]
Years of Denial – Grief [Modular Mind]
Vertical 67 – Xabi (digital only) [brokntoys]