T.O.P Track Premiere:Vulkanski – Hafgufa (Oliver Rosemann Remix)[Diffuse Reality]

Today we feature the release ‘Rotten Auras’, an upcoming album by Vulkanski, including remixes from Stanislav Tolkachev, Oliver Rosemann, Unhuman & Annanan, with the exquisite stamp of Diffuse Reality records. The track we premiere is the remix by Oliver Rosemann; a track with creepy synths, mind-bending distortions and a steady hypnotic kick, all creating an evolving paranoia.


1.Waist bent buildings
2. Contemporary rituals
3. Hafgufa
4. Conflict of interests
5. Rotten auras
6. Enough Time Syndrome
7. Matlisferi
8. Conflict of interests (Stanislav Tolkachev remix)
9. Hafgufa (Oliver Rosemann remix)
10. Hafgufa (Unhuman remix)
11. Hafgufa (Annanan remix)

Artist: Vulkanski
Title: Rotten auras
Remixes: Stanislav Tolkachev, Oliver Rosemann, Unhuman & Annanan
Format: CD
Artwork: Yvonne Cilia

Includes digital pre-order of Vulkanski album with remixes from Stanislav Tolkachev, Oliver Rosemann, Unhuman & Annanan.

digital album releases August 10, 2020
item ships out on or around August 10, 2020

Link: www.diffusereality.net

Bandcamp: https://diffusereality.bandcamp.com/album/vulkanski-album-with-remixes-from-stanislav-tolkachev-oliver-rosemann-unhuman-annanan