Meshes is the alias of the shocking, Moscow-based producer Feoktisov Fedor. His music involves rough drum sounds of industrial techno and dark melodies; from ebm mixed with punk energy to experiments with his vocals, which drown in a lot of effects. His first official digital release was made by the German label harthouse and then his first tape called “Jertva” and it was released on LAN, a Berlin-based label. His last release is a tape with the sarcastic name “это тебя погубит” which means “it will kill you”, this one was released on the Russian label Sination. Meshes often performs at rave parties in Russia and he also  performed in Berlin twice. He is currently working on his fourth release, this time in America.

This is  the Tale VIII of our RED SERIES; a spacecraft of sensations of heavy electro, ebm and industrial sounds. An uncontrollable mayhem and a promise for a good, sweaty dance-floor adventure, with the eyes shut and the bodies on fighter mode. The mix includes releases of Meshes and is accompanied by a video of the artist performing live, as well as an edgy photo of his, in the Moscow metro, exclusively taken for Tales of Psychofonia.

Kluentah – the Return
Santoine – Fleur Du Mal Ft. Colette
IXVLF – Personal Divisions
Black Merlin – Ham
Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Vernacular
Parrish Smith – Esplendor
Meshes – Они зовут тебя
Beta Evers – Move In My Body Rhythm
Eindkrak – Shawarma
Roberto Auser – Carousel
Amato – the Warehouse
Pyramid Club – Cyclic Obsession
Meshes – Непоправимое
Kris Haha – Blackout
Death in Vegas – You Disco I Freak
Credit 00 – Hammer Jack Voices Wail
Damaskin – Propaganda
Innsyter – Cut Eleven
Visit0r – Disseminate
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