T.O.P Mix: Existential Doubt

Existential Doubt is Marga Vm, a DJ from Majorca and based in Madrid. Her DJ sets are focused on techno and industrial sounds. Inspired by her trips to Berlin and Amsterdam, her passion for the genre grew bigger. Through these trips, she discovered the rave culture and she got to know artists who fuelled her interest in DJing. After her Amsterdam short stay Marga bought her first technics and alongside the digital format, she also started practicing the art of mixing with vinyl. Marga is greatly inspired by labels such as; Polegroup, Illegal Alien, Sacred Court, Mord, Ostgut ton, Warm up recordings, to name but a few. Existential Doubt did a brilliant mix, made exclusively for our fresh T.O.P mix series. A dark techno trip, with a magnificent selection, and excellent flow, ideal for our late hours’ dancing ritual. A set that evokes some sort of nostalgia for the sacred dance floor, we all miss very much. Some of the artists featuring are Oscar Mulero, Taito, Conceptual, Tadeo, Spectrum, Eric Fetcher.


Eric Fetcher – Station
Eric Fetcher – Timing
Oscar Mulero – Extension (Original Mix) Vertical Spectrum – Agora (Original Mix)
Tadeo – The Motivation (Efdemin Remix)
Oscar Mulero – Triad (Original Mix)
Oscar Mulero – Signal Trace (Original Mix) Augusto Augusto Taito – Citeron
Wata Igarashi – Ciphers (Nuel Remix)
Default Symbiosis (Original Mix)
Eric Fetcher – Rupture 4
Ricardo Garduno – Out Of Orbit
Oscar Mulero – Spatial Sequence
A 4 – The Moon (Juan Trujillo Remix)
Unkle Fon – Punishment Whip
Conceptual – The Lie
Oscar Mulero – Red Wraith
Oscar Mulero – Storm
Oscar Mulero – Voltage Gradient
Conceptual – Blue Spirit