premiere: Efe Ce Ele – Macadamia (Raw QTR)

NEIN V/A, a project curated by Raw Quarter A&R, with the aim of strengthening the bond of unity between different female producers in Latin America, to make a stand against Female Violence. Music that has been built for resistance, artist expression and resilience. This is our stand and our grain of sand to raise our voice and that of the women who have been battling for so long. All proceeds of this release will be donated to ‘Red Solidaria de Mujeres’.’ RAW QTR

Today, we are pleased to present this great initiative and we choose to premiere the track ‘Macadamia’ by Efe Ce Ele. A powerful sonic experience, like the soundtrack of a revolution, an inner suppressed beast, fighting for their freedom, rights and for securing their place in the world. Impactful, broken beats battling with powerful noise pads, all together to disrupt the fake peace, all elements emerging within an empowering escalation, as the track approaches its end.

About the ‘Red Solidaria de Mujeres’:
‘We began in Bogota’ on March 30, 2020. We are collectives and individuals organized autonomously and self-managed to provide legal and / or psychosocial first aid, activate institutional routes, build ties with other organizations and solve situations of extreme vulnerability within our possibilities. women who, faced with the emergency situation caused by COVID-19, are exposed to face different forms of violence.’ Linea de atencio’n: (+57) 322-332-8655


  1. Ana María Romano G. – Manuelita: Derretir – Temblar – Rozar
  2. Frontinn – Twin-track Recording
  3. Disociacion – Safe Word
  4. Crvda – Be A Lady They Said
  5. Efe Ce Ele – Macadamia
  6. Marea – Astrolabio
  7. Eclipsa – Poison
  8. Zige – Sin Salida
  9. Camila Villegas – Shangri LA
  10. Sunny.K – Very Drunk
  11. Á l_ouest – Docet
  12. Hijo Bastardo – Preso