Premiere: Grindvik & Pfirter – Eye Glare (MindTrip)

Sweden’s Grindvik and Argentina’s Juan Pablo Pfirter found each other throughout their common love for electronic music and constant strive to evolve artistically. Since Pfirter’s first vinyl release on Grindvik’s Stockholm LTD label in 2008 the two have kept a tight working relationship and shared countless of hours playing back to back DJ sets in some of the world’s most famous clubs. Pfirter and Grindvik’s highly regarded ‘El Fortin EP’ was released on Leyla Records at the beginning of 2020 and now it’s time for its long-awaited sequel, this time on Pfirter’s own MindTrip label. ‘Dopamin’ is not just a full fledged techno four tracker, It’s a search for a sound in common, a connection and a breeze of timeless joy.

Today, we premiere the track ‘Eye Glare’ included in the release. A cunningly evolving techno grenade, ready to explode and manipulate the dance floor. A soundtrack of a mind battle, dominated by a military kick and aggressive hi hats, on the verge of recovering the lost connection.

Released by:
EP release date:
5 February 2021