#RED SERIES# Tale XI: Topolorgy

From experimental to industrial and post-apocalyptic techno, Topolorgy  offers first-class sounds with her exclusive set for Tales of Psychofonia. We invite you to join this daydreaming experience; raw, slow, heavy and 100% RED! A sensational acoustic bath of atmospheric beats, craftily seduced by reckless and alluring voices. An imaginary  “Ogygia” for your Sunday introspections.

Topolorgy is a Helsinki based experimental DJ  whose main focus is on the industrial-influenced side of electronic music scene. They are best known for playing noisy provocative sets testing the limits of the audience, but recently they have started to embody softer and more comfortable soundscapes as well. The 80s industrial culture has had an important role in shaping who they are as a DJ, but currently they are most fascinated by modern manifestations of that culture.

In addition to DJing, they have also been an active event organizer in the underground scene in Helsinki for almost a decade. Topolorgy is currently one of the key members in HYTKY which is one of the oldest uncompromising underground techno collectives in Finland.

This mix is a complex journey through different frontiers of modern electronic music and it reflects the versatility of her musical vision. In their mixes Topolorgy aims to guide the listener through a unique, powerful and sometimes harsh, yet emotional pathway.



W – Susiovet [True Aether]
Torn Relics – Imni [Sacred Court]
DiNT– Hooker (Oake Remix) [Horo]
Oake – Abul (Samuel Kerridge Remix) [SNTS]
Matriarchy Roots – Revenge First [Several Minor Promises]
Shrouds – Pagan Blood Rituals [Strange Therapy]
Belief Defect – DeliVerance [Raster]
Gainstage – Light Change [Portals Editions]
Oake – Zafrire [47]
Kangding Ray – Brume [Raster-Noton]
Killawatt – Spinal Swarm (Eomac Version) [Osiris Music UK]
Maenad Veyl – Paint the Ossuary [Death & Leisure]
ANFS – Dervisis [Horo]
Sawf – Brountalia [Vanila]
Swarm Intelligence – It Scuttles [Voitax]
J-Shadow – Lunar Module [Nous Disques]
Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch – Transmission 1 [Downwards]
Drew McDowall x Hiro Kone – Dreaming Is Nursed In Darkness [Bank Records NYC]
Evitceles – Exhausted Lust [Opal Tapes]
Gunver Ryberg – Lazayak [Noise Manifesto]
Second Woman – I E/P [Spectrum Spools]
Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch – Transmission 6 [Downwards]
S S S S – Love [License To Love]
mmph – Tragedy (Roly Porter Remix) [Tri Angle]
E- Saggila – Glass Wing [Bank Records NYC]
Aïsha Devi – Aetherave [Houndstooth]
Ital Tek – The Circle is Complete [Planet Mu]
Croatian Amor – In World Cell [Posh Isolation]
Between – Wrap Blue (forthcoming on ANBA)
Kali Malone – Arched in Hysteria [Hallow Ground]
Celestial Trax – Healing (Garden Redux) [True Aether]
Ronette Pulaski – The Angels Wouldn’t Help You [Phantasma Disques]