T.O.P reviews: Cyan85 -Bay of Sampieri (VOITAX)

Bay of Sampieri is a body warmer, filled of dirty breaks and groove. A freshly released EP,  fruit of  the magic hands of Cyan85, on the Berlin’s outstanding VOITAX.

“Chase your mind” is a harmonised chaos of elegantly twisted filters, arpegiators  and 808 beats, leading us to an Acid Wonderland. Twirling synths teasing your mind empowered by the repetitive male vocals, dragging you into the basement of unexplored mental territories.

“Computer Punk” is the echo of a Detroit factory. A womanoid’s dance, a straightforward electro breaks cut, with heavy kicks and distorted voices from the machine-like hearts.

“Orbital romance” takes us to a nostalgic trip in a fantastic utopia, where robots and humans fell in love with each other. Happy synths celebrating the unity and offering flowers to the God of nothingness. That’s the R-evolution.

“Astral Stream” is a river full of broken beats , laser-like kicks and ethereal synths adding nostalgic note to what the world used to be before the R-evolution. A projection to the future and a mirror for the “now”.

“Bay of Sampieri” lands  for the last dance. Nostalgic, uplifting, melodic and encouraging.  A sonic feather of positivity and a perfect closing track.

released,  July 2019.