T.O.P Track Premiere: SMforma- Giliau nei garsas (Diffuse Reality)

Today we are premiering a track made by the mysterious artist SMforma, expected to be released on Barcelona’s groundbreaking label Diffuse Reality.

Slow and torturing, fuelled by the intense and dark vocals, that slowly initiate the listener to a bizarre and unpredictable ceremony, where anything is possible. “Giliau ne garsas” is an incantation, a lithuanian spell that takes us deep into the world of a desired madness, in which you enter but you cannot escape.

Slow, persistent kicks marking a powerful territory, ready to receive the “EBM” storm of distortion and synths, falling from the sky like a heavy rain; a perfect intro of an EP that will enrich our collection as well as our psyche. Including remixes of the Exaltics, Years of Denial, Squaric, Yuji Kondo.

releases September 19, 2019