T.O.P. Reviews: Climbing Himalaya:Part I EP (Hypnus)

This EP can be a reconstructing experience similar to  what the title suggests; “Climbing Himalaya”. Four intensely deep tunes transmitting  ritualistic energies and deep hypnotic sensations.

Tribal and trance aesthetics dancing along ethereal pads and mystic vocals. You enter into the cave of your personal quest and wandering. You enter deeper and deeper reaching the internal mirror of your own shadow. Of your own inner dragon. Do not fight it just dance with it. Are you ready to go all the way down and then climb back again? A “challenge” by Feral who is the master of this beautifully tailored record.

Released in March, 2018

The stops of the journey are:

  1. East slope 
  2. The caves
  3. West Peak
  4. Reaching the Cliff