#REDSERIES# Tale III: Yunclas

Nature is us, us as pure sentient beings. We are bleeding thus nature is bleeding, too. Blood is life and life is blood. The RED SERIES are tales of music extracted from our collective unconscious, from our earthly hypostasis. Music as the Angel watcher of the Earth.#REDSERIES 

Yunclas is from the north of Spain, a place called Asturias. He comes from playing the guitar in punk, hardcore and rock bands and his approach to electronic music is relatively recent. He started as a Dj in rave parties and underground parties. Few years ago, he started his journey into the music production, as well. Yunclas has also founded his own label Grabaciones autobombo.

He has released several works on his label, as well as albums on Nen recs and Xtraperlo Records and he also participated in compilations. His sound is very influenced by different genres, such as industrial, dark ambient, or kraut rock, although techno is always  a central point of reference for him.

This is T.O.P’s first live set and it is difficult to use words in order to describe how good it is. An industrial battle field filled with volcanic beats and psychedelic synth pads. An animistic dance along the burning flames of Yuncla’s tool box. His heavy analog machines are firing on all cylinders. This is our 3rd tale for our RED SERIES. Let it embrace your mind and invade your senses.