Interview: Sabiwa (CHINABOT)

Words by Helena Markos

Sabiwa is a very talented, experimental music producer and performer, from Taiwan. Enchanted by her recent album-Is 輪迴 (Reincarnation), released on Chinabot, we approached her and we asked her few questions.

Sabiwa did an amazing sharing about her new album, her art, her inspiration, her relationship with animals and especially fish, as well as the meaning of circle, as a core concept in her art. A very interesting and deep approach to music, as vehicle to understand the world and its evolution.

T.O.P: How would you introduce yourself as an artist? Who is Sabiwa and how has your journey into the music production started?

Sabiwa: I like to introduce myself through my music. Sabiwa is a fluid vision, because it can change and it can involve every time different perspectives, subjects and feelings. When I was 12, I visited the Aquarium. I think that was the first time things changed for me, I saw everything with a different perspective and I started to investigate in that way. Music, such as visual, just represents the easiest way to explore myself and the world around me.

T.O.P: What is the most fascinating thing that happened to you as an artist, so far?

Sabiwa: I guess it was to have the chance to perform my three screens performance last summer, and also my latest tape released by Chinabot and our premiere, at Cafe OTO.

T.O.P: We believe connections are the way that the world evolves. Is there any special connection that you feel it was a milestone throughout your life?

Sabiwa: The connection to my animal ancestors. Look to the past with the aim to understand the present, possibly to change it.

T.O.P: What do you find as the most challenging thing in the electronic music scene nowadays?

Sabiwa: I think the biggest challenge in contemporary electronic music field, nowadays, is to develop new perspectives of expression since a lot has already been done.

T.O.P: How do your surroundings influence your art and what is this element that you couldn’t think of your art without?

Sabiwa: Nature and animals are my constant form of inspiration. I guess I couldn’t imagine my art without fish.


T.O.P: Your latest beautiful release on Chinabot is about reincarnation. Why did you choose this subject?

Sabiwa: I love the concept of the circle. This idea influenced me and my work. I like how this concept could represent multiple meanings. I believe a circle is behind everything.

My art is constantly exposed to a circle movement, I change my form so many times, and soon as I’m sure I will change again. The circle also represents a nice way to approach death, to minimize it.

T.O.P: To what degree do you feel music interacts with the society and contributes to its transformation?

Sabiwa: Music interacts with people, in the way that we make knowledge of the world we live through senses. I guess, the kind of music we release reflects the tension and conflict we live every day. I don’t think music could change things, but I believe that people making good music can!

T.O.P: What are your thoughts around the electronic music scene in your home country and how do your roots affect your art and music?

Sabiwa: I believe the music scene in Taiwan is growing and some interesting artists are emerging, my root effects some of my aesthetics and the sources I use.

T.O.P: Any upcoming projects?

Sabiwa: Working on my next audio-visual album about pink. Also a new short movie I hope to release in the next few months

T.O.P: Finally, we want you to think of an album or track that you would suggest as mind/soul healer…

Sabiwa: The album “Milanese Nwas” by Ooame