T.O.P Track Premiere: Haar Huid Glom Als Een Spiegel- Zero Years Kid (EOTRAX)

Tales of Psychofonia premieres “Haar Huid Glom Als Een Spiegel”, one of the tracks that will be featured on a new tape release this time, on Eomac‘s Eotrax. The album under the title Ongerijmde Rijmen’ is coming from a brand new Belgian / Irish duo called Zero Years Kid (ZYK), who sing songs in Flemish “in a unique meeting of experimental music and R&B.”

Between the two, they have recorded over eighty albums to date and performed world wide either solo or with groups featuring such artists as; Han Bennink, Tony Malaby, John Butcher, Eomac, Jim Black, Nina Hynes, C. Spencer Yeh, Louis Stewart, Henri Texier, Erik Friedlander, Shahzad Ismaily, Cian Nugent, Ernst Reijseger, Dave Douglas, Bill McHenry and Michael Brecker.

They have undertaken residencies at The Mattress Factory – Pittsburgh, Ftarri – Tokyo, Rataplan – Antwerp, The MAC – Belfast, Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art – Aalst, the Banff Centre – Alberta, and the Model Arts Centre – Sligo, and have received numerous commissions from Project Arts Centre – Dublin, Rataplan – Antwerp, Brand! Festival – Mechelen, Ljubljana Jazz Festival and Museumnacht – Oostende.

“Haar Huid Glom Als Een Spiegel” is an experimental track and it can be a different dimension, without space and time. A prelude of undefined state, where humans start turning into wandering creatures. An incomprehensible demonised sensation and a psychotropic fabrication of a phantasy. A very good taste of what the whole album is about.

Release date: 5th March 2019