T.O.P Track Premiere: Evitceles- Unfortunate (Accents records)


Today we are premiering the track “Unfortunate” from the absolutely stunning upcoming “Lioncage” LP by Evitceles, on Accents records. Evitceles is an emerging artist from Bulgaria. His signature sound is imaginative and melancholic, a romantic vision of contemporary electronic music. He has already released on Seagrave, AMEK Collective, NoordenYerevan Tapes and Opal Tapes.

The sound is perceived like sensual hauling towards the untamed passion. An unfinished dream in an overwhelming atmosphere, where limits are flirting with the senses. The lines are not clearly drawn and you are free to keep wandering, as the beat enters and the drums rip your mind off,  in a delirium of voices. “Unfortunate” is a flickering candle in an empty room and a psychotropic exploration of your creative mind.

“The tracks were created in Sofia, Bulgaria mostly over a span of an year. The album is my most conceptual body of work as well as the most personal. In my head the idea behind it directly corresponds with the name I chose. Lioncage is about feeling some potential, power or strength, but in the same time knowing that you are being limited. That something holds you from being able to flourish. Whether it is imaginary lines by your mind or not being calm, having uncertainty or not enough patience. It is a work that is about what you dream of, where you are in you current life and where you know you can be. Trying to hold all of this strength you know you have for the moment you are going to use it, preserving it. Then also the metaphor about what a lion does in a cage. The lion probably dreams of something, considering the album is a little surreal at times, I connect it to this vision. The lion does dream of love, of affection, but it also dreams of hunting because of this cage he is in, it is not his natural habitat. So the more aggressive tracks I compare to this hunting desire that animals experience, unsettling and disturbing. In the album I tried to compile everything I love about experimental electronic music and building this sort of hybrid that I hope remains unique and authentic.”
Etien Slavchev


Release date: 21st February, 2019

The stops of the journey:

A1 – Never Young
A3 – Unfortun3te
A4 – Heir
A5 – Intense Mid3ir Moments
B1 – Only Spell
B2 – In My H3nds
B3 – Repressed Conscious Mind Vents
B4 – подводна обич
B5 – I Am All Eyes