T.O.P Reviews: Flaminia- THEOTHERSIDE (Kwartz & Sam KDC remixes-Metempsychosis)

Music from the future we define the type of sound that Flaminia presents on her upcoming release “THEOTHERSIDE”.

Flaminia’s “Nyx” is balancing between spiritual electronica, futuristic dnb and psycho-experimental. A cabbalistic blending, deriving from Flaminia’s special word, boosted by two powerful remixes, by Sam KDC and Kwartz.

Sam KDC orchestrates a creepy, blood-curdling and relentless dark techno remix of “Nyx”, like a demonic pursuit for the desirable mind healing.

“Suspension of Consciousness” is Flaminia’s techno exorcism and an unexpected furious dance for the forbidden.

Kwartz remix of it is a heartless techno paranoia, filled with distortions, picturing an unstoppable parade of disobedient beasts.

A deeply captivating EP, totally coherent to Metempsychosis’s art. A modern Freudian-like sonic interpretation of a dream, accompanied by a mystic and allegorical artwork. What is on the other side?

The stops of the journey are:

Nyx (Sam KDC Remix) 
Suspension of Consciousness
Suspension of Consciousness (Kwartz Remix) 

release date: 4th April, 2019

Artwork by Le.BLUE

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Flaminia @ Tales of Psychofonia, Bristol