T.O.P reviews: Maenad Veyl- Body count (Veyl)

Thomas Feriero aka Maenad Veyl is bringing us an exceptional album, released on Veyl. “Body count” is Feriero’s first LP and it carries a heavy EBM intelligence within. Infuriating and demanding drums encountering an imposing deep-goth/metal atmosphere, as we experience it in the “Silent Blood”. An obscure, hauntingly captivating record that initiate you to the deepest darkness of Maenad Vey’s world. All of the tracks evoke strong emotional and cathartic mind-sets triggered by ceremonial broken beats, like in the “Out Of Sight”. A versatile LP, although extremely coherent with Veyl’s unique world.

“Body count” is a travel to the Underworld, an intimate dance with Hades and a boiling revolution against boredom.

The stops of the journey are:

A1 – Bleak
A2 – Unhealed
A3 – The Adversary
B1 – They Belonged with the Others
B2 – From Body to Body
B3 – Silent Blood
C1 – Twelve Regions
C2 – Out of Sight
C3 – Heart of a Machine
D1 – Solipsism and Other Comforts
D2 – Like a Locust
D3 – Permanent Disrepair

released April 22, 2019


Maenad Veyl .jpg