T.O.P Track PREMIERE: Inimicus – Atsushi Izumi (Thrènes)

Today we premiere the track “Inimicus” by Atsushi Izumi. The Osaka native has a background in music and sound design and as such found his sound going through a metamorphosis from Drum n Bass to a more experimental sound.

Atsushi Izumi’s use of long drawn out hallow synths is like an ominous cemetery at night before these powerful percussions detonate in. He uses heavy spaced out bass drums, either as a single or double beat, which simmer as they echo and roll. They are surrounded by these chaotic, textured synths, which can sound like a cicada, hovering and distorted to give a mechanical effect. It feels like being thrown into the woods late at night, eerie yet calm in the beginning, before extreme panic sets in and you feel like you’re being chased.

Japan witnessed the end of the world up close and it is still reflected in their art and music: it delves into the sadistic and explores deep themes of melancholy and the apocalypse. This is juxtaposed against pure joy and serenity, showing that life is there to be enjoyed and struggles have an end, which is translated quite coherently to this piece.

The release will also contain a scintillating remix from ANFS. The Greek adds a bit of pace to the track “Zeit”. He is an artist who enjoys frantic distorted techno and it shows in this cut.

‘Verdigris’ is due for release on 17th May 2019 under the mysterious Swiss label Thrènes, that is known for eye-catching signature artwork and a deep and dark techno sound.


Inimicus” is a teaser for the dubious future and a sonic representation of blind soldiers, armed with broken beats, facilitating the gradual rolling towards the lower levels of the human consciousness.

This track, with its powerful dark structure, is slowly taking you to an apocalyptic ceremonial trip towards the roots of our primal scream, where the oneness gets activated and the psyche starts elevating. “Inimicus” is a mental bridge and once on it, you endlessly wig-wag between the two ends; the saturated modern life and the timeless need for connection.

The stops of the journey are: 

Zeit (ANFS Remix)
Why (Digital Bonus)