T.O.P Track Premiere: Mörker – Living proof (Temple.)

Today’s premiere is the bone-shaking dark techno tune “Living proof” by Mörker, an artist known as ‘Darkness’, which in Swedish is the brainchild of Rukshan Weeraratne. Rukshan’s latest project “Mörker” is a mythical character created by him and incorporates with his project Black Lake Recordings.

“Living proof” is an acoustic bomb that is going to be released on the mysterious London-based label, Temple., as part of the 4-track release “Sacrament of Penance”.  A gradually evolved world, strikingly emerging with an attack of staggering breaks, followed by mind-bending beats, tortured by some snappy drums and kicks. A top grade track, overwhelmed with dark textures and an alluring atmosphere, intensified by illusive synths.

“Living proof” could be the call for a return to our primitive sense of self; an unstoppable riot against our oblivious creation of our deepest defences. A deep-rooted apologetic cry for reconnection with our unlimited bodies and devotion to our inside world.