T.O.P reviews: /Upcoming/ Bureaucracy Against the Joy Population- Surit (NEXE)

Today we review the forthcoming 4-track EP, delivered by the Barcelona – based artist Surit, half of the talented duo NX1, on their NEXE label. A raw smasher for a late hours’ metamorphosis, when the bodies get tangled, diving into a purifying mayhem of satisfaction.

“Line of Masks” is a frantic delirium of revengeful percussions travelling alongside waves of twisted snares. A vivid picture of a faceless crowd dancing towards the absolute connection.

“Neurodomination” is a straightforward techno pandemonium, a disorientation in the middle of the dance – floor, when the lights are off and the souls bright.

“Bureaucracy Against the Joy Population” is a toxic fairy tale for the pariahs and for those who do not conform and they obtain the truth. Rolling, cathartic and cleansing beats overwhelmed with noisy pads. The release is featuring ANFS who provides a high quality remix on this track, with his usual psychotropic distortion, crashing against pitched – down persistent synths, creating an internal dialogue with the thirsty unconscious.

The stops of the Journey:

A1- Surit – Line Of Masks

A2- Surit – Neurodomination

B1- Surit – Bureaucracy Against The Joy Population

B2- Surit – Bureaucracy Against The Joy Population (ANFS Remix)

Release date: July 22nd