T.O.P reviews: Encore – December (Pinkman)

December returns to Pinkman with a trailblazing “beast”; a four – track EP, accompanied with  an astonishing artwork/ painting by Kiraly Andras.

“Encore” is a frantic come together of samples without direction like the pieces of a fragmented self. Soft breaks evolving within an ebm atmosphere, with teasing kicks and claps, slowly heading towards the unexpected peace, that emerges through an imposing melody. A moment for reflection and inner clearance evoked by the distant echoes…

“Yesterday never ends” is filled with alluring breaks, puzzling synth pads and a storytelling for the few. A strangely monotonous pattern, turning into a vicious circle of unexpressed emotions, declared by the desperate scream of the man who never forgets.

“Film Noir” continues in the same line of broken beats and obscure voices, vaguely coming from a faded future. An excellent peak  of sensations, with seducing synths and a sexual mash – up of discreet drums, versatile pads and erotic voices, leaving you undefined, without orientation.

“Never the Sun” is a dark, slow and narrative cut, assimilating the steps of an unwanted man, whose  voice is melting away because of his deep pain.

 “Encore” is the soundtrack of the last dance before we say goodbye. 

Released: 9th, December 2019