T.O.P reviews: Todo Avaricia- Reka x Imperial Black Unit (Fleisch)

Today’s words are dedicated to the EP ‘Todo Avaricia’ by Reka and Imperial Black Unit. The record includes a dazzling remix by the French artist Umwelt and it brings us four ravishing tracks. A magically orchestrated record of EBM and Techno soundscapes, with a provoking artwork that generates instant impact on us, as if it was a propaganda poster.

‘Todo Avaricia’ slowly evolves into an angry political protest led by the tremendously imposing voice of Reka, calling us to reflect on our greediness and the decomposition of our human nature.

Umwelt’s remix gives an extra melancholic tone to the track. Using striking melodramatic synth lines, he impressively emphasises the grief and sadness of our lost values. 

‘Arrasadora’ Utopia’ is a cry for a collective fight for everything we seem to be forgetting; our love for each other and for our precious nature, delivered by the shaking voices of Pablo Neruda and Che Cuevara. 

‘Tropas de la muerte’ are the troops of death. Vigorous kicks drawn across a dramatic , grim soundscape, picturing the last lament before the end of everything. A mental delirium of  answered questions; painful realisations, resentment and sadness, all vividly expressed by Reka’s vocals. 

An exceptional piece of art and a strong statement, that hopefully will encourage musicians to bring more of that to their audience, now that is needed more than ever before. 

released: January 20th, 2020