T.O.P Track Premiere: Galcid – Scheme and Impatience (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

It’s been exactly 3 years since the first V/A on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion and head honcho Peder Mannerfelt shares a personal message for the second V/A compilation on his imprint.

This release brings together artists from The UK (Borderlandstate, Lack, NKC) to Japan (Glacid, Katsunori Sawa) and the Americas (Isabella, Amazondotcom, Siete Catorce) to myself from Sweden.

Today we premiere the track “Scheme and Impatience”. For this V/A release, Galcid provides a badass electroid mayhem, covered with frenzic kicks and uncontrollable drums. An unpredictable soundscape, where the everything develops on its own without any human intervention. The machine takes over blending the now and the future in an rather bizarre way.


release date: February 28th, 2020

Tracks included:

Amazondotcom / Siete Catorce -Parti

Borderlandstate – Ideam

Glacid -Scheme and Impatience

Isabella – Pronging

Katsunori Sawa- Falling Rolls

Lack -Squeeze

NKC – A to Zdz

Peder Mannerfelt – Blockchain Carpaccio