T.O.P reviews: Lucindo – Act/AG Inc. Umwelt remix (NEXE)

Lucindo signs the 6th release on Nexe Records with a 6 tracks EP which includes also a superb Umwelt remix. In this release, the Italo-Brazilian Berlin based artist explores two sides of his exquisite multi-faced production capabilities range.

A1 – Act 99A2 is the weapon for a slow, massive destruction. Blurry atmospheres, grim soundscapes foreseeing the uncertain future. A noise intro for an industrial dystopic scenery.

A2 – Act 2000A3 is a repetitive pendulum; distorted driving techno for a timeless mind dance. Discreet and smooth hi hats moving alongside a steady and powerful kick.

A3 – Act 186B1 is the aftermath of the upcoming disaster. An electroid cut with a stunning melody, designed from the past and sent to the future. Murky synths blending with alluring percussions in a post apocalyptic dance.

B1 – AG6 is the act of ‘now’. Sharp and straight, filledd with broken textures and a ecstatic Detroian hint, subtly massaging the brain, in the middle of the chaos.

B2 –  AG6 (Umwelt Remix); Umwelt provides a staggetring remix of the track ‘AG6’. Electro breaks at its best, served with imposing echoes; the voices of the otherworld. ‘AG6’ is the collective dance after the disruption; the fearless reconnection.

B3 – AG4 is a biological war in a contaminated world. Viruses, robots and humans in an unreasonable battle. No one is the winner, yet everyone gets something. Post- futuristic beats; the perfect balance between shadowy synths, striking kicks and teasing drums; the soundtrack of the unknown. Classy!

release date: 16th of March, 2020