T.O.P reviews: Various- Valley of Tears Vol.1 (Soil records)

Soil records releases a 12″ VA, featuring 5 tracks of EBM, electro and acid textures.

‘Your Kind is Extinct’ by Imperial Black Unit is a driving EBM track, evolving in a sci-fi soundscape, where the retro-like synths blend with voices from the future in an ambiguous paranoid dance; crying alone, screaming without noise.

‘Intensity’ by Fractions is an act of determination and willingness to commit to your inner truth. Firm and solid EBM driven by seducing voices, a promise made on the dance-floor.

‘LVRIN’ by Return it is a slow and  distorted techno ritual, with acidic bombs thrown at your face, while stomping your feet with persistence, trying to remember  how is to hold hands again.

‘Exhausted Modern’  by Cash on the Dresser is a nostalgic mental journey to the days where we could share cigarettes, hugs and kiss fearlessly. A slow EBM trip to those days with eyes closed and mind filled with fragmented thoughts.

‘Remplissage’ by Ekman is a melodic electro tune filled with subtly stimulating and ponderous synth-lines. The travel stops here, a call to your present moment, the future is now and the now is a bet.


THE BRVTALIST · Imperial Black Unit – Your Kind Is Extinct (SOIL)