Interview: Unconscious (Area Z/Blacksilk/Detriti/X-IMG)

Interview by Helena Markos

In the photo: Unconscious from the isolation by Nicola Albertin

Sharp, edgy and obscure would be some of the words to describe Unconscious’s music. Hailing from Milan, Berlin-based Andrea, is a prolific artist with 90’s rave roots and a unique style, creating first-rate EBM and industrial sounds with acid elements and a distinctive retro scintilla; a sacred dance of punchy beats and heavy distortions, including Post Punk sonic textures, as well as Italo influences.

We got to know Unconscious and his work, through his exceptional releases on SARIN’s X-IMG, Marc Ash’s Blacksilk, Instruments of Discipline, Ways to Die, AREA Z and Detriti Records.

Today, he speaks to Tales of Psychofonia on the current COVID-19 situation and its impact on the scene. He also shares his thoughts on  his creative process, his relationship with SARIN and his latest tape release on X-IMG. Andrea finally suggests some ‘mind-healer’ tracks.

T.O.P: Hi Andrea, first of all I would like to thank you for your time to answer my questions and then ask you, in what ways is the current pandemic affecting you, both as a human and as an artist?

Unconscious: Thank you for inviting me. For me it is an honour and a pleasure.

I believe that this pandemic made me see even better how much we are slaves to this system, but at the same time it has forged even more my anarchist soul, both as an artist and as a man.

T.O.P: Can you tell me few things about your journey into the music so far?

Unconscious: I travel in the lucid madness that music gives me every day, even when I sleep and dream the journey in music doesn’t stop. Sometimes, I dream of sounds and when I wake up I try to reproduce them or use them as a starting point for some new work.


T.O.P: Looking back to where you started this journey, was there any person or experience that have played a significant role for your expression and art?

Unconscious: The journey began almost in ancestral times, when I was very young. This is because unconsciously the first person who influenced me was my dad. Being a musician, as well as passionate about every form of art he made me grow in an environment where it was impossible not to fall flying in this fantastic universe called Music.

T.O.P: You have recently returned to SARIN’s X-IMG, with the limited tape release of 10 explosive tracks; ‘REGNUM NOVUM’ is a carefully made ecstatic blend of Body Music, acid, wave and dark italo. What’s the story behind this release and your collaboration with SARIN?

Unconscious: Regnum Novum’ is the atomic explosion of feelings, liquid words, intrauterine travel and materialization of sounds. It’s a set of things that most influenced me lately. Obviously, a very important part in the construction of the ‘Regnum Novum’ also goes to my partner in crime Karolina. The collaboration with Sarin began three years ago, since then we have kept in touch and become friends and for me it is a pleasure to release on his label.


T.O.P: How do you visualise the scene in a post-virus era?

Unconscious: It is a question that is not easy to answer. But I believe and hope, that after this virus, the scene will change and perhaps we will return to give more value to music and not only to other things! I believe you understand (ahahahahah)

T.O.P: In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges artists are facing right now?

Unconscious: I think a very big challenge is that of not having the opportunity to play, to capture the energy and magic that people give you when they dance hypnotized by the music you are playing. This energy doesn’t exist behind a monitor.

T.O.P: How would you describe your creative process? What inspires you most?

Unconscious: Everything happens in a very natural way, the music dictates the notes to me, the music dictates the words to me and the music inspires me, although obviously I draw inspiration from many things…A film, a book, a journey, emotions and which become musical architecture and sound furnishings.

T.O.P: Any upcoming projects/collaborations to announce?

Unconscious: I have two remixes coming out, one for SOJ on Infidel Bodies and another for Randolph & Mortimer on his label. I also have two vinyls in the pipeline but it’s still too early to talk about it! I can tell you that they will be released later this year and I am very satisfied.

T.O.P: Who is Unconscious outside the studio/venues?

Unconscious: A normal person, who likes to spend time with his girlfriend, with friends, drinking good wine, cooking, listening to music, go see exhibitions.

T.O.P: Which piece of music or album would you suggest as a mind/soul healer?