Premiere: Joaquin Ruiz – Phase 003 (Signal Rec)

Joaquin Ruiz releases four bangers on his debut release on Signal Rec. The EP includes also two remixes by Jörg Rodriguez & Drop-E. The tracks ranging from the strength that characterises this artist to more mental and atmospheric sounds that compose an EP full of nuances and ecstatic details. Driving intensity meets here with borderline industrial style rawness, locked in groove with intricate percussions, and undercut by hypnotic metallic sounds. Raw, pounding, grooving and innovative, with enough energy to keep any dance-floor energised. Today we premiere the track ‘Phase’ 003; ritualistic, driving techno for late hours ‘exorcism’.

All original tracks written and produced by Joaquin Ruiz Remixes are written and produced by Jörg Rodriguez & Drop-E.

All tracks mastered by Drop-E.
Art Design by Teorema Studio

Release Date: 3rd August, 2020