Track premiere: Røttar – The Sound (Leo Laker Remix) [Hardwork]

RØTTAR shook the ground earlier this year with his outstanding album ”Emotions Without Feelings” which was complimented with mighty success. Røttar is a producer & DJ from Havana, Cuba, based in Malmö, Sweden who has done a deep dive into the different branches of techno and his signature sound can be explained by the keywords: Acid, Raw, Industrial, IDM & EBM. Alongside Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Jorge Cebrian, and Claudio Cabrera he founded Rusty Nails in Havana in 2017. Rusty Nails was Cuba’s first rave and sparked an underground movement dedicated to techno and rave culture. Hand in hand with Abstraction, Cuba’s first electronic record label, they have been the pioneers in Cuba’s techno scene, and putting it on the map. Since moving to Sweden, Røttar has been a resident with Substantiv, the Lund-based DJ-collective & record label, and released his music with record labels such as Abstraction, Corseque Records, Deletech Records, Blacklapse Records, Voight-Kampff, Gomboc Records, Insane Industry and Hardwork Records.

Today we premiere Leo Laker’s remix of the track ‘The Sound’. The Finish artist Leo Laker tailors a remix made of twisted, punchy kicks and heavy industrial/ acid synth-lines. ‘Militant techno’ for passionate dance floor soldiers, and their unleashed spirit. A track with an excellent synthesis and a drifting progression.


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Release Date – October 5th, 2020



Leo Laker