Premiere: PWCCA – Organic (ANAØH)

Fixon’s label, ANAØH releases a VA compilation “Hate And Tenderness III” which includes tracks from, CRAVO, d_func. (Alexander Kowalski), Dig-it, Dj Surgeles, Fixeer, Fixon, Ian Axide, Patrik Skoog, PWCCA and VIL. H

Hate And Tenderness is a series of annual compilations that we have been working on for the last 3 years. In it we seek as always in ANAØH, to find the inspiration and concept for the project in the contrasts, daily contrasts, of nature, of the soul, of love, and as in this case daily life, the contrast between the hatred that humanity It can manifest itself by demonstrating the destructive and hurtful capacity that we have and everything that awakens in us the purest tenderness, such as the smile of a mother worth a million, a child playing with a cardboard box, an animal enjoying the freedom of its natural habitat, looking into the eyes of our great love, a sunset in which the sky is painted pink and everything that makes us feel alive, regardless of the place or time …We have decided to release this third volume in a physical collection format in a limited number of Cassettes and in digital format.

Being true to our contrasting philosophy, we have decided to invite young artists who are doing work of the highest quality and artists that we have always respected and grew up with. Each and every one of them was invited to join the project with all the love and respect and we have received nothing from them but love, good intentions and an enthusiastic group that has resulted in a wonderful musical work.

Today’s premiere is a dynamically evolving techno track by PWCCA, included in the compilation. Big room techno with a tenacious baseline, penetrating the solid kick, like a wild animal in a cage, but still free in its essence.


release date: 19th October, 2020