premiere: Ontario Hospital – Worthless scam (Ekstasis)

Orphx‘s Rich Oddie has recently launched his new label Ekstasis. The first release ‘No Contact’ is a cassette that includes 11 tracks, and documents the last nine years of live actions from O/H, the duo of David Foster (Huren, Teste, etc.) and Rich Oddie, with recordings from performances in Japan, Russia, Holland, and Canada. Ekstasis will be releasing music from the various projects that Rich is involved in, as well as music from friends around the world.

Today we premiere the track ‘Worthless Scam’, an evolving explosion led by angry and muddy vocals, with a heavy kick teased by reckless synth pads. An erotic misunderstanding developing into a wild sexual encounter. ‘Worthless scam’ evokes a range of extreme emotions, rising through emotive distortions and industrial interferences; breaking the rules, redefining the truth.


released November 23, 2020