Premiere: In-Edit – Inframundo (Delinkuent records)

Delinkuent Records is a label composed of young Argentinian artists and producers, currently based in Barcelona and Berlin. For their debut release, they have put together a Various Artists album, with the title ‘Purefacta’. This compilation comprises a diversity of genres that share the same purpose: to deliver a futuristic and strong sound. Every track is accompanied by a video.

When plants and animals stop breathing, they surrender themselves to decay, evolving into a shapeless crowd of microorganisms which will find other elements on earth to merge with, to nurture new life. Some will see the dawn. Some will see the nightfall.

We premiere the track ‘Inframundo’ by In – Edit. An excellent techno track, fast-pace and revengeful, with a heavy, rolling kick and a suspenseful break intensified by the spooky bells, prelude of the upcoming mayhem. A sonic pendulum between heaven and hell, a mental orgy, activating every single neurone.

Release date: 15/3/2021


Arseny – En medio de una calle, una palabra, un beso, un inmóvil, el trapecio; la muerte un préstamo (Original Mix)
Juan Evangelista – Closed Doors (Original Mix)
Inalco2222 – Newave (Original Mix)
In-Edit – Inframundo (Original Mix)
Dscpl – Breaking old thought patterns (Original Mix)