Premiere: Loppkio – It’s always okay to punch a nazi

‘Volumens’ collects the best of its festival and launches a compilation with more than 30 tracks and 17 audiovisual pieces, including the work of artists such as Oscar Mulero, Murcof, Novi_sad, Francisco López, Estrato Aurora, Barbara Ellison, Paul Prudence, Fraction, Boris Divider or Suso Saiz and Sergi Palau. The v/a will go on pre-order on the 7th of March.

The current situation caused by covid-19 has meant that the festival had to launch all its thinking machinery in order not to stop being celebrated. In October, the festival held a day at the Teatre El Musical with the best of the avant-garde in electronic art, both sound and visual. Also, as a space for reflection, he organized a round table and several online performances that could be seen on the official channels of the festival and that obtained more than 153,000 views.

One of the biggest efforts that the International Festival of Art, Science, and Technology launched during the quarantine, was to collect more than 40 tracks that gave an insight into what Volumens has been and is, and that will be expanding this sensory experience for a long time. This is compilatio is “a look back that serves to face the future in collectivity and community. A manifestation of creativity and commitment “, says Antonio José Albertos, director of Volumens.

This is a selection of 31 audio tracks and 17 audiovisual tracks by artists such as Oscar Mulero, Murcof & Gnomalab, Paul Prudence, Susan Drone, Boris Divider, Fraction, Lex-Or + Martinovna, Suso Saiz + Sergi Palau, Artificiero + Susan Drone, Log 31, Deathvox + Past, Miclono, Serious Cut, Finalversion3 + Sergi Palau, Otro + Jordi 8lasco, Jheal Bashta + El Imaginario Vj, Promising Youngster + El Imaginario VJ, and a long list of other artists, who have offered Volumens their creativity and sensitivity for electronic, underground and avant-garde music since the festival was born, in 2015.

The physical edition is limited, with an exclusive design USB drive. The response to the current situation must be a collective, and a strong commitment for supporting all the artists involved. That is why each track, each artist, and each audiovisual piece of work, have been very carefully selected.

We premiere the track ‘It is always okay to punch a Nazi’ by Loppkio; A soundtrack for a silent protest that gradually turns into a wild beast; the voice of the accumulated oppression and the unexpressed pain. Noisy, industrial synth pads marching alongside demanding drums, slowly smashing the unbearable silence.