Premiere: S S S S – Shed This Skin, Leave Me Be (Műhely)

Today’s premiere is coming by the artist S S S S and it’s the 15th Műhely release, which is the label’s third compilation, called “VA3 – Factory Reset”. Besides the core members – Adam Krasz, Normal Tamas, Obwigszyh – you can find works by our allies, Cursal, who already delivered an EP for Műhely and S S S S, the headliner for one of the label’s gigs, back in 2019.

S S S S’s track ‘shed this skin, leave me be’ is characterised by the ambient drones mixed with clipping kicks and percussions, which shape an imaginary atmosphere—filled with experimental melodies and textures that create a particularly uplifting yet dark aura.

The album will be available in digital/cassette form.

Release date: 20th of December, 2021


  1. S S S S – shed this skin, leave me be
  2. Adam Krasz – Creek
  3. Normal Tamas – Enter The Spiral
  4. Cursal – Epinephrine
  5. Obwigszyh – Varacsk

Mastered by Áron Lőrinczi
Photography by Ákos Kondricz (
Design by Ena Gergić (