Tales of Psychofonia presents: Aphasia EP – Secondary Drive (inc. Void Cells rmx)

It feels strange to announce the Aphasia EP by Secondary Drive and the second chapter of our trilogy in these dark days. This trilogy ended up being an accurate metaphor for the state of humanity right now. Dementia – Aphasia and Apraxia (we expect to be the last chapter of this work.) We forget – we can’t express ourselves – we are completely numb. We are speechless and disgusted by the state of things and the brutality of the war, any war occurring in the world every day. It is harrowing to see the utter decay of the human species. We will remain quiet after that as there are no more words left, and we will be reflecting on the Western hypocrisy that we have all participated in one way or another.

We donate the first month’s 100% of the Dementia EP proceeds and 50% from the Aphasia EP to the Ukrainian Red Cross. https://donate.redcrossredcrescent.org/ua/donate/~my-donation

Secondary Drive brings his second EP on Tales of Psychofonia with four avant-garde and highly atmospheric tracks. Aphasia is the second chapter of the Tales of Psychofonia trilogy, inspired by neuropsychological conditions and their impact on our memory, speech, behaviour and perception of the world. It is also a metaphor for the current state of humanity.  The trilogy encompasses the versatile spectrum of the artist’s musical style within the realm of edgy and dark electronic sounds. Aphasia EP is also enriched by a powerful remix created by Void Cells (Blind Allies). 

The three artworks of this trilogy are part of an artistic project made by the photographer Alejandra Vacuii. 


1. Onset 

2. Primary Signs

3. Aphasia 

4. Primary Signs (Void Cells remix)

Release date: 27.03.22